by basketkase 10d ago

My show was fabulous over the weekend, even tho it rained Sat. afternoon......I worked on these last week, but didn't have time to stitch them.....this is a series called Harvest #1-6, then a set of Snowflake Coasters and I put the rubber kitchen liner on the back before the outer satin stitch.....these do not move at all once set down on a surface, which is the goal I had......I will put these in my next show in 2 weeks......these will all be up on my website tonight......


by cantab 8d ago

Beautiful for fall

by pennifold 10d ago

Wow! Vicki, these are just glorious. I love the non slip fabric in the last picture always a great way of not letting your drink tipple over. Well done, they are all awesome and so glad your show went well. Here's to the next show in a couple of weeks, hope that's a good one too. Love Chris

by cfidl 10d ago

Top of the line digitizing! What fabric is the autumn designs stitched on? Fall is my favorite and these designs are too! Please describe the bottom picture as it is really interesting.

basketkase by basketkase 9d ago

The bottom pic is the backing on the coasters......before the outer satin stitch, I put that rubber shelf liner on the back, then ran the stitch. The fabric that I stitched on is just black stabilizer..

cfidl by cfidl 9d ago

That is why I recognize it... rather both of them. Thanks!

by mops Moderator 10d ago

Leaves, pumpkins, berries - I love their glorious colours. Beautiful digitising, Vicky. Glad your show went well, hope the next one will be even better!

by kustomkuddle 10d ago

Wonderful news that you had a great show. Your things are always so nice. You do great work! Love the idea for the coasters.

by stork 10d ago

Love the fall leaves. Glad your show was good!!

by dailylaundry 10d ago

They are all very pretty - our leaves are beginning to turn here! So happy you had a great show!!

by sonjapotgieter 10d ago

That is Beautiful!!!! So happy for you!!!