by aussiequilter 07 Oct 2019

I need some help with embird ,i have 2006 edition on my old laptop thats dying and runs with xp,i got a new laptop but it runs with windows 10 we tried to copy it to the new computer but it wont read it,is there anything we can do or do we need to rebuy embird,can anyone help i not very computer savvy, tha ks in advance


by aussiequilter 23 Nov 2019

Yeah my embird is all sorted out ,my daughter came for a visit ,and did all the work we did buy an upgrade

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 23 Nov 2019

Great news, Monika! I am sure you will be glad you did get the upgrade...

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 25 Nov 2019

I wish I could digitize like you but I just don't get it

by babash 07 Oct 2019

Do you have a paper copy of your invoice? On it will be your registration code and order number.
What I would do is download the trial version into the new computer then put your codes (from your original purchase) into it and see if that works.
You could as suggested contact Secrets of Embroidery and see if you can get a download from them if this does not work.
You shouldn't have to re buy again maybe just an update.
Hope this helps.

mops by mops 10 Oct 2019

Although I bought the new update I have not yet installed it. I still use the 2013 version on my Windows 10 notebook. It works just fine. BUT I did not try and copy the files, I INSTALLED it. You then have to type in the installation password (given when you bought Embird) and the passwords for the different extras like Iconiser etc. I hope you saved those on a USB stick (as the programme regularly reminds you to do).
The installation password for the newest version is a new one, the older ones won't work; but the upgrades are reasonably priced.

As for advice I'd email the maker, not the distributor (like Secrets of). He is very helpful and knows the programme better than anyone else.

mops by mops 10 Oct 2019

That registration password consists of 60 digits. So you'd recognize it at once.

by dianascrafts5 07 Oct 2019

I am not very computer savy either but I believe you cannot just copy older versions of embird onto win 10 which I also now have. You have to upgrade to the newer version of embird which is supported by win 10. In order to see the designs themselves, and not a generic icon for windows, you need to have iconizer or another such program. If you had iconizer previously you just need your old stored password to reinstall it with the newer version of embird. The only problem i now have with win 10 is that my very large design files freeze after a certain number of designs are shown and then the computer crashes back to the home screen. My son, who is a bit more tech savy, thinks it may be the iconizer program itself which cannot handle the volume of the designs I have so I had to split my files into 2 or 3 parts to see all the designs. A bit annoying that I can't screen thru everthing at once but better than the freezing up and seeing nothing. If anyone else has a solution to that issue I would love to hear it!

by shirley124 07 Oct 2019

I will be buying a new laptop soon. Am not looking forward to learning a new system. I have Windows 7 at the moment and I could not get Embird to run on it. I now have Embrilliance Essentials and Enthusiast. I also have the Artistic Digitizer which will not run on my Windows 7. Hoping it it work on 10.

babash by babash 07 Oct 2019

I am running Embird on Windows 7 no problem.

shirley124 by shirley124 08 Oct 2019

My IT guy tried everything and in the end he put XP Virtual on and I can use it there if I need to. I have found I hardly ever go into The Virtual anymore.

by topcat5 07 Oct 2019

I had to get a new computer because the shop couldn't fix my laptop with Windows 8.1 and to my sorrow I had to buy a new one which had Windows10. It didn't read my designs since they were all changed to Microsoft format in this Windows10. Even new ones that I bought or were freebies were changed to Microsoft. It was explained to me that Windows10 does not read lower versions of PE-Design!!! I had PE-Design Next.

After 4 months of trying to get my designs I finally had to buy PED10 with the version11 update. It still didn't work! After 2 weeks I realized that I had been severely hacked. Had to go to the computer repair shop. Finally I am able to work with my new software and with a very high-end security system. It has been an extremely expensive situation and I hope to keep this version forever because if it goes bad I am through with computers. I hate Windows10.

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shirley124 by shirley124 07 Oct 2019

I am having to buy a new one anytime. It will be Windows 10 as that is all that is being supported. I am saying it will be my last as it is too expensive having to buy programs again.

by mops Moderator 07 Oct 2019

It depends. If you saved the exe.file for the last version you bought and have your passwords saved you can try that. Much faster than copying all files.
If you can't use the copied files at all, you could consider the latest upgrade - that's especially for Windows 10 - which costs $70 from the 2006 version.

by awesome1 07 Oct 2019

Can you not contact the embird folks to "re" download the program? Or info might be in the forum at 'secretsofembroidery'.com I found answers there a while ago.

by abuch 07 Oct 2019

hi had the same thing. I got a LOT of memory sticks and took one for each file I had --- like CUTE #1,CUTE EMB #1,#2 and so on. then copy every file ,then re copy to the new computer. I sorted as I did this all is clean and I then made another copy on disk as backup. now I always put all on sticks as I get them so its all up to date. and when I go to sewing class I just take the stick, school has the computers. good luck