by sewfrenzie 06 Oct 2019

Wonderful news today!! My youngest daughter took her 4 kids and moved out of her abusive husbands home and in with her father while she awaits finalization on a town home for them. Its been a long six years, but it looks like she finally has found her strength. She has support from all her family and friends and we will be there for her through it all. She called me in tears yesterday wanting to know if it was true if she took the kids with her he could have her arrested. My first question was are you leaving the state? He answer no, just going to dads until my townhouse comes through. I said no he can't he's using the kids to try to control you. He's got felony records and she has none. I told her the courts side with the mother 99% of the time, and he's got felony's for violation of no contact orders and abuse. No way is the court going to give the kids to him over her when she's the one supporting them and he hasn't had a job in over a year. So put Nancy in your prayer chains that she stays strong through this rough time in her life.



by lbrow 11 Oct 2019

In my prayers. Not easy being without a helpmate, but much better for her and the kids. Family support will be a boost for her. Proud she had strength to say enough is enough. There will be rough patches but she will make it.

by meganne 09 Oct 2019

Sending an Angel to watch over your daughter and her kiddies.
I pray she has the strength to stay away from him and he leaves her alone so they can both move on with their lives.

I have been in her situation and it is a very tough and scary thing to do, I hope the whole family gets behind her and there are some strong males in your family who can protect her if she should need it. I had no-one and police were always too slow turning up when I needed them, I had many black eyes and terrifying confrontations, I will pray that she doesn't.
Huge hugs and sincere best wishes for her and the children to have a wonderful future.

by designgirl 08 Oct 2019

Prayers for your brave daughter and her children. It is the best thing she could have ever done, Protecting her children and herself from abuse. No person on earth should have to live with an abusive person The court will side with her , never with the abuser. Hugs to her and her children Lynn

by AuntAnnie 08 Oct 2019

I admire your daughter's strength. Speaking from experience, I know how difficult it is to leave an abusive relationship. Also speaking from experience, the courts do not always side with the mother. My ex was a falling down, mean drunk with a history of violence and no job but was given half-custody and just told not to drink in front of the child--a rule that he could not follow. Because none of his drinking buddies would testify against him and a young child could not, he was allowed to continue with custody even as his alcohol-related health declined. She must find the strength to fight hard. It will be a difficult battle. My prayers for strength are with her and her family.

by basketkase 07 Oct 2019

Prayers and guardian angels to protect your daughter and children while she goes through this brave time of her life and pray for her continued strength.....

by kustomkuddle 07 Oct 2019

So proud of her for standing up for herself and her kids. It is wonderful that she has all of your family's support as well. The trials are not over but she has taken the first most important step. Will keep you all in prayer.

by dee 07 Oct 2019

Prayers for your daughter and children. God bless you also

by sdrise 07 Oct 2019

prayers are coming for her and the family... Such a bad situation I pray it turns out well for her and to keep them safe.

by cfidl 06 Oct 2019

Yes I will pray for her that things will be resolved quickly and with the least amount of trauma to her and the children. I hope he grows up and takes a look at what is important.

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Oct 2019

Good for her!!!!
I will be praying for her, specially for safety. She needs to be very careful. Abusiveness often means no control over the persons anger.

by shirley124 06 Oct 2019

Prayers for you and your daughter and the children. Hope all goes well for her.

by stork 06 Oct 2019

Prayers for her and the kids. She took a difficult step but one in the right direction. God bless her, the kids and your family as she proceeds thru to a better life.

by pennifold 06 Oct 2019

Thinking of you Diane throughout all this. Nancy is in my prayers and you too. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 06 Oct 2019

Such good news for all of you...

by rescuer Moderator 06 Oct 2019

I am not sure where she is in this world of ours, but I will send a PM