by sebsews 06 Oct 2019

Sister Judy's knee surgery went well. She came home on Friday. After one night at home I could see she was not getting the help and support she needed from husband. She is now at my house and will be for a few weeks.


by lbrow 11 Oct 2019

God bless you for helping. Some people just haven't the patience, nerves and stomach for nursing and that is what it requires along with prayer.

by airyfairy 08 Oct 2019

She is so lucky to have you. My husband, although a wonderful man is hopeless if I am sick. Many year s ago when I had major surgery, I had to ask the doctor to put me back into hospital. Some men are just not good when their wives are not well.

by basketkase 07 Oct 2019

Bless you for seeing her needs and taking over...

by kustomkuddle 07 Oct 2019

So glad she is doing better with your intervention. She is so lucky to have you. Sending prayers and hugs.

by aussiequilter 07 Oct 2019

Im also needing a knee replacement, your such a lovely sister to take care of her

by pennifold 07 Oct 2019

Bless you Suzanna in looking after your sister. She will appreciate it so much, sometimes hubby's have no clue! Love Chris

by graceandham 06 Oct 2019

Glad you can be there for her.

by cfidl 06 Oct 2019

I have to say most men have no clue, even if they have seen the nurturing that women bring. You are a good sister. Bless you all!

by shirley124 06 Oct 2019

Prayers for you and your sister. She is lucky to have you. Hugs

by maleah 06 Oct 2019

You are such a good sister.

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Oct 2019

Sometime husbands are just clueless. I am glad your sister is doing well and is being taken care of by you. Enjoy the time together.

by dragonflyer 06 Oct 2019

Glad to hear that she came through the surgery well...too bad she couldn't get the care she needed at home...glad you were there to support her...

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sebsews by sebsews 06 Oct 2019

Thank you! I did not vent like I wanted to.