by dragonflyer 12d ago

A Kitchen Towel for a neighbor who has been taking care of our furbaby this week...A design from here at Cute...although I was a bit disappointed at how many unnecessary jumps there were in some of the colors...If I decide to stitch it again, I will need to re-digitize parts of it...also should have chosen a darker color for the and learn!


by crazypatchmama 9d ago

Very nice, Kim. I love the colors you chose. Lucky neighbor :-)) Hugs, Mary

by blueeyedblonde 9d ago

Turned out great!

by dailylaundry 11d ago

This turned out so cute!! Your neighbor will love it!

by stork 11d ago

Love the design. I hate those jump stitches too, especially on fabrics that have a difficult nap like this towel. Wonderful fall gift!

by babash 11d ago

Very nice. I know what you mean about jump stitches I especially dislike the little ones where you have to try and unpick 3 or more in a row.
I am sure your neighbours will love this towel as it is personalized just for them.

by brendalea 11d ago

Lovey tea towel. Happy Stitching Brenda Lea :-)

by sonjapotgieter 11d ago

Yes Me Too..So Gorgeous!!! Well done

by cantab 11d ago

I'll be your neighbor . :) Looks great

by sebsews 11d ago

Very nice! I'm sure you will be able to get rid of the jump stitches. I feel the same, every time I finish a design I wish I had chosen a different color.

by pennifold 11d ago

It's lovely Kim and your neighbour will love it. Love Chris

by noah 12d ago

They will love it everyone loves towels:):)That's my story and i am sticking to it lol Hugs xxx

by asterixsew Moderator 12d ago

I am sure that your neighbours will be delighted with your customised gift. Sometimes we see things that others don't and I'm sure that's the case with this. It's lovely to see a design used from Cute.