by dragonflyer 05 Oct 2019

A Kitchen Towel for a neighbor who has been taking care of our furbaby this week...A design from here at Cute...although I was a bit disappointed at how many unnecessary jumps there were in some of the colors...If I decide to stitch it again, I will need to re-digitize parts of it...also should have chosen a darker color for the and learn!


by crazypatchmama 08 Oct 2019

Very nice, Kim. I love the colors you chose. Lucky neighbor :-)) Hugs, Mary

by blueeyedblonde 08 Oct 2019

Turned out great!

by dailylaundry 06 Oct 2019

This turned out so cute!! Your neighbor will love it!

by stork 06 Oct 2019

Love the design. I hate those jump stitches too, especially on fabrics that have a difficult nap like this towel. Wonderful fall gift!

by babash 06 Oct 2019

Very nice. I know what you mean about jump stitches I especially dislike the little ones where you have to try and unpick 3 or more in a row.
I am sure your neighbours will love this towel as it is personalized just for them.

by brendalea 06 Oct 2019

Lovey tea towel. Happy Stitching Brenda Lea :-)

by sonjapotgieter 06 Oct 2019

Yes Me Too..So Gorgeous!!! Well done

by cantab 06 Oct 2019

I'll be your neighbor . :) Looks great

by sebsews 06 Oct 2019

Very nice! I'm sure you will be able to get rid of the jump stitches. I feel the same, every time I finish a design I wish I had chosen a different color.

by pennifold 06 Oct 2019

It's lovely Kim and your neighbour will love it. Love Chris

by noah 05 Oct 2019

They will love it everyone loves towels:):)That's my story and i am sticking to it lol Hugs xxx

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Oct 2019

I am sure that your neighbours will be delighted with your customised gift. Sometimes we see things that others don't and I'm sure that's the case with this. It's lovely to see a design used from Cute.