by dixie 04 Oct 2019

Is anyone having trouble downloading the pictures of the Jacobeaqn Set,and the gold leaves set, the files download no problems, I have tried everything with no luck

Thanks Val


by rescuer Moderator 04 Oct 2019

Val, are you trying to download the .jpg file? One of the files is the picture file (.jpg). If you are looking for the design information I usually just use the Snipping Tool and save it to the same file as the design.
If I have misunderstood, please give us more information. I am sure other Cuties will be along to help.

dixie by dixie 04 Oct 2019

Thanks yes I'm trying to download the Jpg pack that is to match the Jacobean Pack Files which downloaded fine, also the gold leaves Jpg pack for this will not download either. Normally I do not have any trouble

rescuer by rescuer 06 Oct 2019

That is strange. I downloaded the .jpg files without issue. I wonder if clearing your cache would help or maybe using a different browser?? Perhaps if other Cuties have trouble we can look at things you have in common. Until then, I think using the Snipping Tool would give you the pictures you need.

by bigeyes618 04 Oct 2019

Dixie have you ever belong to the Amazing Designs of Vicki's? If so, they are the same Jacobean patterns but newly updated.

rescuer by rescuer 04 Oct 2019

If you are referring to Amazing Embroidery Designs, it belongs to Miss Veronika. Also, why do you think they are "newly updated?"

dixie by dixie 04 Oct 2019

No I have only been a member of Cute for many many years
and not had this trouble before Thanks Val