by babash 02 Oct 2019

Seems new Embroidery Machines are being released around this time.

Just got an Email Janome have a new one 550E and has a larger hoop 7.9 x 14.2 inches. Not sure if it is available world wide or just America at the moment.
I thought it might be of interest to someone looking for a machine. I remember someone asking about machines recently.


by asterixsew Moderator 02 Oct 2019

If there are new wonderful embroidery machines being released then there will be people with money busy buying them. This then means that those with the new machines will probably be trading in their old machines for the new... so there will be some great pre loved machines available too. Winners all round really. I am staying put with the great machines that I have.

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babash by babash 02 Oct 2019

I would have liked the bigger hoop but apparently the arm is different on the machine. So this hoop won't fit my machine even though all the other size hoops are the same as I have. They have the same hoop codes. I will stay with what I have.

by pennifold 02 Oct 2019

Morning Barb, I went to the Newcastle Craft Show last Friday and the new Husqvarna machine was on display - $16,000.00 Australian! I asked Maarten what was the cost of the Epic (the previous "new" one) and that's $13,000.00 What a lot of money for sewing machines. I'm not going to upgrade for a few years and then hopefully the "new" ones will be much cheaper by then. Love Chris

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babash by babash 02 Oct 2019

Wow $16,000.00 That's rich. I was at a Shopping centre a couple of weeks ago and in the mall they had 2 MG cars brand new 2018 models on special one for $15,999 and one for $22,000 how can you compare.

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Oct 2019

When the new machines come out that is the time one might want to check on the prices of the older versions. I saw a price of one of the newer top models of Baby Lock. Oh my it was almost the price of my car.

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babash by babash 02 Oct 2019

Yes it is so true the new ones are getting out of reach for the average person but as you say could be some good deals from dealers who have good trade ins to sell.
This Janome looks to have all the same hoops except for the new big one.