by robertahilde 01 Oct 2019

Let me introduce one of the most cute little bird native of Australia. They came in different color but the blue one is my favorite. It is a Fairywren, the size of a Finch and is common in parks and gardens in Victoria.


by gerryvb 03 Oct 2019

he is cute and so beautiful, thank you for showing !!!

by mrskiki 03 Oct 2019

Love seeing the different birds and animals. Great picture. Hugs. Nan

by barba 02 Oct 2019

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

by kustomkuddle 02 Oct 2019

Such a beautiful bird. I enjoy seeing birds and animals that are not native to where I live. Thank you for sharing.

by sewdeb 02 Oct 2019

He's adorable! Gorgeous color of blue and that perky tail, too cute!

by noah 02 Oct 2019

oh i love him:):)

by pennifold 02 Oct 2019

He's a beauty Roberta, I've only seen a few on occasion around our place. I don't have thickets in my backyard and I believe they like that sort of protection, or prickly types of bushes etc. Love Chris.

by toogie 01 Oct 2019

A beautiful little fellow. Birds can be so rich with color and this one is no exception. Thanks for showing us.

by sewtired 01 Oct 2019

Very pretty little fellow.

by graceandham 01 Oct 2019

Oh, he's cute. Are they friendly to humans in the parks? (Do they approach people?) Great photo.

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pennifold by pennifold 02 Oct 2019

Hi Betsey, these little Fairy Wrens (also known as Superb Fairy-wren) are not shy of people and often forage around them in parks and backyards. They are very fast! Love Chris