by dday 22 Sep 2019

Can any one help me find the kitty witch in a pumpkin. I know I have it but can't remember what site had it, I think it was a freebie. Thank you.


by marron1 23 Sep 2019

Kreative kiwi

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dday by dday 23 Sep 2019

Thank you. Still looking for the one.

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by sewdeb edited 23 Sep 2019

Kreations by Kara offered a cat in a witch's hat atop a pumpkin back in October 2017 and it is still in the freebie section. There is also a cat peeking out of a pumpkin under May 2011 in the freebie section. You need to log in to get them. Hope these might work for you.

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dday by dday 23 Sep 2019

Thank you I will have a couple to use if I can't find the one I am looking.

by lilylady 23 Sep 2019

Try Joyous Embroidery No 1417 $2.99.

by graceandham 23 Sep 2019

Floriani gave away a kitty witch in a pumpkin years ago in their free five every month, high stitch count and very elegant. Hope that's the one!

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dday by dday 23 Sep 2019

Thank you but couldn't find it.

by brendaburgess 22 Sep 2019

I think you are looking for the free one from ABC Embroidery. It is a cross stitch. Hope this is what you are looking for.

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dday by dday 22 Sep 2019

Thank you but that isn't the one, it is cute if I can't the other one I will use this. I think it is just the head out of the pumpkin. Thanks again.