by babash 22 Sep 2019

Does anyone know if you can buy Kam Snaps with a picture on the top?

I got an Email from a site today with an in the hoop design and because I wasn't interested deleted it. But then realised that the Kam Snap had a picture of a Sewing Machine on the cap.
I went searching and found the snaps with a picture on a Kam snap site but can't see how you would order.
Maybe it is just an illusion and I need a Coffee.
Any help would be appreciated.


by babash 24 Sep 2019

I got what I wanted from Kam Snaps original site in USA.
They have more than just the sewing machine snap.
As you could buy them either as a complete set or just the tops I was able to get a selection of tops. This way I feel I got a lot for the $14.95 postage and the currency conversion.

by babash 23 Sep 2019

Found some now just trying to find a site that has affordable shipping.
One $25 USD and another $14.95 USD for a $4.95 purchase.
Even if I added to purchase the postage went up to about 3 times what I am spending.
Oh well I shall keep looking.

by JeanW 22 Sep 2019

Try "I Like Big Buttons"

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babash by babash 22 Sep 2019

Thanks will go have a look

by awesome1 22 Sep 2019

I Googled "decorative kam snaps"--got a page of sites. The first site had sew mach and were selling for $4.95 set of 25. Just click the pix to get order page. That's as far as I searched. Some cute ones there, I rarely use them.

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babash by babash 22 Sep 2019

Thanks will try that

by annsown 22 Sep 2019

On the left side of your emails is " trash" and your deleted email should still be there...scroll thru them + just open it and read again or you can "restore" it to your inbox by clicking the marked area above the deleted ones...

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babash by babash 22 Sep 2019

Thank you but I empty the deleted box each day.