by airyfairy 07 Sep 2019

Just to say I am back home and the burglary we had was not too bad - could have been so much worse. We have had a busy couple of days getting quotes for the window frames that were broken, new fencing,so hopefully this won’t happen again and just generally getting the rooms cleaned and tidied up.

Unfortunately I have lost some jewelry. I am off on Monday to get quotes for replacements.
These things happen and as I said before - could have been so much worse.


by kustomkuddle 09 Sep 2019

My heart goes out to you. A home is supposed to be a haven. So glad that you are back and with a positive outlook. Prayers.

by toogie 09 Sep 2019

My SIL's mother was just broken into. She was only away two hours. She went to my daughter's about 6 pm and returned about 8 pm to find her home broken into. Besides bursting through the dead blot door, entry from the garage, they stole her fireproof safe, jewelry, and 2 old wallets that were in her underwear drawer. The wallets were both empty. They had sentimental value as they were her late husbands and her dads. People are so crazy nowadays. No respect for themselves or others. Gad you are having a good outlook, bc dwelling on it can bring you nothing but grief. Fondly thinking of you Sarah-Toogie

by lbrow 08 Sep 2019

Glad to hear you are back home safe and things not as bad as they could have been.

by maleah 08 Sep 2019

Thank God that you and your family are safe. I know it is hard to lose some family memories over material things. But, safety first.

by airyfairy 08 Sep 2019

Thank you for your comments. Our security has immediately been upgraded and we are going to put in much higher fences. Everything that was “touched” has been washed and both bedrooms are looking back to normal.
It would have affected us more if we has walked in on the mess. Our neighbors and security company had sent pictures so we knew what to expect. Flowers for all

by pennifold 08 Sep 2019

Glad you are back home and settling back into normality. I do hope you can find some replacement jewellery pieces, like Caroline has said, jewellery often has sentimental value. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Sep 2019

I am glad you feel that it could have been so much worse. I hope that it will not take too much time to get everything back in place or replaced. Hugs

by sebsews 07 Sep 2019

You are lucky they did not destroy everything. I am sure you are counting your blessings.

by gerryvb 07 Sep 2019

glad you are home safe, and sorry you had this burglary and lost some belongings. But most important: you are alright and things could have been worse. Hugs)))

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Sep 2019

Sarah I a glad to hear that you didn't find a much more horrendous burglary. Hope you are able to replace the jewellery but sad that you have lost some. Jewellery often has sentimental not monetary value.

by basketkase 07 Sep 2019

So sorry to hear this, you know we were victims going on 10 yrs ago when all our cats got out …….. it is such a shame it has to happen to anyone, but at least you two did not get hurt...

by dragonflyer 07 Sep 2019

So glad you are back home and that it was not as bad as it could have been. Hopefully, you will be able to replace what was taken and get your home back in order....

by stork 07 Sep 2019

So glad it wasn't worse! My son and family were broken in to 2 years ago. Fortunately no one was hurt......Good luck.

by dailylaundry 07 Sep 2019

Thanks for the update - you have the right attitude about this beak-in. Things could have been worse - but, thank goodness it wasn't! Loads of hugs to you!! Laura

by meganne 07 Sep 2019

I am so relieved to read this. It might have been much worse had you both been at home. I hope you can make your home more secure.
Huge hugs, Meg