by babash 07 Sep 2019

Paper Bag style Shorts for Grand Daughter to go with her Retro Top.

This high waist shorts are popping up in a lot of boutiques here.
The pattern is a learn to sew as it is so simple. Elastic waist and pull cord like a bag at the waist. Has side pockets as well.
Thought this would be a quick one she can make on a visit here as long as I have the size right.
Very disappointed with the instructions not advising to zig zag raw edges or use pinking shears to stop fraying. All other directions were good. I could see a learner spending money and time and have it fray in the first wash.
This fabric was a type of Cheesecloth with a self stripe.
It would have frayed if I hadn't serged the edges.
The cords hanging down the sides you tie in a bow. I know they are too long at the moment but that was how much pattern said.
I thought I would have some fun and put a pre made label on the front.
It says Original by Nanna.
Thanks for looking.


by dragonflyer 10 Sep 2019

Very nice....and she will be all the rage!

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babash by babash 10 Sep 2019

Thank you

by shirley124 07 Sep 2019

They look great. Hope she likes them and the label. Hugs

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babash by babash 08 Sep 2019

I hope so as well. The label can be taken off no problem I stitched it on last.

by sebsews 07 Sep 2019

These shorts will go wonderful with the retro top! I wonder if it is a new pattern or vintage? I'm sure I have 3 granddaughters who would love them and the top too. Here is a retro pattern I saved from 1975. I made it back then and loved it. I have tried to find it in a larger size but no luck. Pattern was $1.35 :).

babash by babash 08 Sep 2019

Wow I love that pattern. It is as the young ones would say it is so in.
The pattern I used is new Simplicity 8651 and price is $19.95 USA. Only the shorts in the pack just 3 different ways to do cords in waistband. My fabric store had a special and I got the pattern for $6.00

babash by babash 08 Sep 2019

The $6.00 was Aust

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 10 Sep 2019

Well, now, that brings me back!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Sep 2019

Good job. I am glad you can point out what is missing in the instructions. The benefit of a seasoned sewer. I hope granddaughter will enjoy sewing them as well.

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babash by babash 07 Sep 2019

Thank you.
Yes hoping something very simple and quick but smart will get her interested again. When she was younger she was keen but wanted everything finished fast.

by turtleowl 07 Sep 2019

Cute shorts. Bring cords to front and tie in bow, the length would be just right.

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babash by babash 07 Sep 2019

Thank you. In the picture they are tied at sides but in the front makes more sense.

by lilylady 07 Sep 2019

Cute shorts and Label!

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babash by babash 07 Sep 2019

Thank you

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Sep 2019

Great work and love your label

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babash by babash 07 Sep 2019

Thank you