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by noah ( edited 05 Sep 2019 ) 05 Sep 2019

Wanted to tell all my cute friends that summer is over here and my Geese are heading South. This is the first lot I have had here at my camp and they are so far out in the water me and Mr. Peeko could hardly see them but we could hear there honk.Hugs Carolyn xx Here is John talking on the phone lol The camper is 37 feet long


by dailylaundry 05 Sep 2019

Sweet camp site! We had a beautiful day in West Michigan today- but, if you weren't in the sunshine - there was a coolness in the air. Our Summer is long gone - we are in the 50's at night here. I think you are right - I believe we will have a bad Winter. Enjoy!! Laura

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noah by noah 06 Sep 2019

The almanac says so two lol

by babash 05 Sep 2019

Love your camp site. The set up you have looks so good and comfortable.
I would want to stay as long as possible until the weather starts to change.
As Chris said our weather here has changed quickly this week a taste of Summer for us.

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noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

I wish it was just starting here they say we are in for a very long cold winter:(:(

by dragonflyer 05 Sep 2019

Lovely setting....glad to see you have recovered from the flooding you had earlier....get ready, winter is coming!

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noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

I know it is almost feezing here at night like 2 to 5 f.I want to pick a few more berries Sat. for people that can't pick.i picked 10 and gave away 4 but more needed lol i am glad they

are free all that hurts is your back lol

by shirley124 05 Sep 2019

You have a lovely camp site. Hugs

noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

Yes it is #1 4 sure

noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

the water is just 20 feet past John love it....

noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

Added another picture 4 u

shirley124 by shirley124 05 Sep 2019

Looks like a real home away from home. Enjoy. Hugs

noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

Got everything but a washing machine lol

by sebsews 05 Sep 2019

The geese have invaded my area for the first time! Glad you had a great summer!

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noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

me to... haven't closed up yet maybe in another week or so

by graceandham 05 Sep 2019

Nice to see everyone with green under their feet instead of white! Give Peeko a hug from me.

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noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

he just ate half my McDonalds ice cream I was driving and he reaches and takes a bite lol

by pennifold 05 Sep 2019

As your Summer ends our Spring has begun. We already have Total Fire Bans today in NSW. We've had the driest Winter and I, for one, am not looking forward to our Summer. The world's weather has certainly gone crazy.
I do hope those people in the Bahamas can get back on their feet, the destruction of that hurricane Dorian has been devastating.
Great shots of John and Mr Peeko and I can see the Geese out on the lake! Love Chris

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noah by noah 05 Sep 2019

Thanks my friend :):)hugsxxx