by theduchess 24 Aug 2019

Last year got so HOT I decided to get a short haircut.(like in picture)But as i stood watering yard the birds tried to build a nest in my hair.

So now its HOT again and maybe I'll just shave it off.
Ha! Ha!!


by stork 29 Aug 2019

Thanks for the chuckle!!! I got mine cut a bit shorter......probably going shorter again.

by cfidl 29 Aug 2019

I keep mine long so I can pull it back and bind it. Boring! Shaving to extreme and you will get lots of attention. Folk may think you are doing chemo. (not do good)

by dailylaundry 25 Aug 2019

So funny! Love the haircut. Stay cool!!

by sebsews 25 Aug 2019

You made me laugh! A true beauty, love that type of hair cut.

by graceandham 24 Aug 2019

I actually grow mine out longer in the summer so I can put in a bun or ponytail when working amongst the birds. It is a lovely style, but not low maintenance, especially if you are trying to look like HER.

by pennifold 24 Aug 2019

I reckon if we could all look like Raquel Welch who cares what our hair looks like, he he he!!!! Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Aug 2019

You are so funny. I can just picture it. Regardless you are a HOT lady.