by sewtired 21 Aug 2019

Just a little concerned, I haven't seen any posts from dragonflyer lately. Have I just missed them, or is she missing in action? I hope all is well.


by gerryvb 19 Sep 2019

this is her post from today

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sewtired by sewtired 19 Sep 2019

Thanks gerryvb. I had noticed that she was back.

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 Aug 2019

I felt the same way and contacted her. She is on vacation with little internet contact. She will be back the end of August

sewtired by sewtired 21 Aug 2019

Thanks for the update. Hope she is enjoying herself.

stork by stork 22 Aug 2019

I thought the same....Glad she is able to have a vacation. Hope she is enjoying herself!