by basketkase 28d ago

Had a customer stop by today and she was on her way home from doc appt...she stopped at the store and bought this for when she goes to chemo.....she had just gotten diagnosed with BC and she wanted me to put her name on it and some BC I got it done...I used one of my own designs and then added the text....I also put her name on the other side of the bag so she can identify it from either side.....she doesn't know it yet, but I am doing this for free.......she deserves it and it is my way of giving support!! Hope she like what I have done........BTW I blurred her name that is the gray blobs you see on the bag under the bra.....


by sonjapotgieter 22d ago

So Beautiful!!!!

by sdrise 23d ago

You are so wonderful to do this. All the support you get is so important for recovery. Prayers are with her too! I know what she is going to go through. Thanks for being such a great person!

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basketkase by basketkase 23d ago

Hi Suzanne......I also found out that she is going through a divorce, so I was so happy to give this to her........her hubs found a sugar mama 11 yrs older than him to pay for everything he sad!

by lbrow 24d ago

Vicki you are a special person. This will be a nice pick up for her feelings. I like much

by cfidl 26d ago

What a wonderful gift and a great bag. Good go!

by belleann01 26d ago

love the design and very nice gesture.

by sewtired 27d ago

Absolutely wonderful!

by mops Moderator 27d ago

Nice work and a lovely gesture.

by noah 27d ago

She will love it Vicki I do hugs xxx

by pennifold 27d ago

You are so kind to do this, but you have the heart of an Angel. She will love this and I pray that she will be cured. Love Chris

by airyfairy 27d ago

Wonderful job dear Vicki. So very kind of you.

by sebsews 27d ago

I absolutely teared up when reading about her and your gift to her! I pray she powers up and fights like a girl! Many Cuties, including me have gone the road of BC. Please let her know we are all praying for her. Your heart is in the right place and thank you for doing this bag for her! Hugs and flowers, Suzanna

by worthy 28d ago

Thank you for your gift to her. Our family has gone through BC and Thankfully it is 4 yr past at this point. Will be praying she has the same results.

by crafter2243 Moderator 28d ago

That is so sweet of you. She could use something nice happening to her today. I love what you embroidered on the bag.

by shirley124 28d ago

Very nice. She will love it. So kind of you to do it for free. They deserve all the support they can get. I lost a dear SIL from breast cancer. Hope that some day there will be a cure. Hugs to you and your customer.

by asterixsew Moderator 28d ago

What a sweetie you are. Great design

by dailylaundry 28d ago

Oh, Vicki - good for you - bless her heart. This is beautiful. When you see her, tell her she is in my prayers!!

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basketkase by basketkase 28d ago

I will..