by parkermom 16 Aug 2019

I just watched a video of how to make a flat-bottomed zipper bag. It's from Starfish Designs, and I looked at every design and didn't see any that violated any copyright, so I think it is ok to post the link. Here's the video link.

I have mixed feelings about watching videos; not all are done as well as Sue's videos. I did buy the design for this bag, but I was not sure of myself using just the pdf of directions. I'm going to try this bag as soon as I can!


by markus 17 Aug 2019

Thank you

by bielie 17 Aug 2019

I also watched it, very interesting. I have used that bottom method on some of my bags, a quick method to get a boxed corner. Have not done it in the hoop though. Enjoy your bag making.