by airyfairy 13 Aug 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to meganne ( Meg) from NSW - Australia on the 14th. August


by dragonflyer 16 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Meganne....Hope you have a wonderful day!

by lidiad 16 Aug 2019

Sorry that I'm late... I have just read that your birthday has been two days ago..... and I wish you all the best from today until your next birthday :-)
Hugs, Lidia

by meganne 14 Aug 2019

Thank you all so very much for all the lovely wishes.

I had a lovely quiet day at home, relaxing with hubby, Ray and our two fur babies, answering text messages and posts on Facebook, talking to many friends on the phone, including my two sons, which lasted several hours, and one of my friends popped around for a coffee and catchup. I received a lovely box of red themed flowers from my BFF Chris Pennifold and later in the day my little sewing buddy from next door brought me a lovely bunch of flowers and a hand drawn card, She's only 8 and such a sweet thoughtful little girl.

I spent most of my day sitting outside on the back verandah, basking in the glorious sunshine, watching the ever changing life on the river, ducks and geese, swimming and flying by and little birds coming to flit around our native shrubs, We watched a whole group of Cormorants fishing the river and I videoed them. I don't know if we can still upload videos here........

The only time I came inside was to make myself a cup of tea or something special, cafe raisin toast with real butter, Yum!

And for my 70th Birthday dinner we had battered fish, fish fingers and chips, (Guilt free) cooked in the AirFryers with no added oils or fats.

Today (yesterday now) was the best I have felt in eight weeks so the antibiotics must finally be working and I felt so blessed to have received so many wonderful birthday messages from near and far.

Photo 1 The lovely flowers from Chris and Trevor, the picture does not do this justice as the colours are so much more vibrant.

Photo 2 Relaxing with Tao

Photo 3 Watching the Cormorants on the river

Photo 4 The lovely flowers from little Chloey.

Thank you for sharing this milestone birthday with me.
Huge hugs n roses, love, Meg

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airyfairy by airyfairy 20 Aug 2019

I am so pleased that you had such a wonderful day.
Thank you so much for the pictures,

by momac 14 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Meg, hugs from Maureen

by mariagiannina 13 Aug 2019

Happy birthday Meganne! Have a fabulous day!

by maleah 13 Aug 2019

Happy birthday Meganne, I hope all is well with you....from Tennessee

by lbrow 13 Aug 2019

Happy. Birthday Meg!

by shirley124 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Meganne. Have a nice day.

by sandralane 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Meg, I hope that you have a wonderful day. Filled with love and many happy memories. Sandra

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Aug 2019

Meg I want to wish you a great day celebrating your Birthday. Hope all your wishes will come true.

by toshi 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Meg.

by oaro 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday to you

by mops Moderator 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday, Meg, I hope you had a wonderful day!

by gerryvb 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday, Meg, I hope you will have a lovely birthday!!

by sewdeb 13 Aug 2019

Meg, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Hugs*, Deb

by dailylaundry 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday, Meg - hope you have a most wonderful day!! Hope you are feeling better!! Hugs, Laura

by sewdoctor 13 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Meganne! Have a good day, do something fun!