by AuntAnnie 09 Aug 2019

A notice from PNW concerning Old Keys set:

"There was a mix-up for Old Key #14.
You do not need to put it back in your cart.
Simply re-download from either your account or the email with the download link."


by sewdeb 09 Aug 2019

Thank you!

by Renga 09 Aug 2019

I checked my old keys and no 14 was correct, no mixup ...

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Renga by Renga 09 Aug 2019

oops, no 11 and no 14 are the same ... - thank you!

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by dragonflyer edited 09 Aug 2019

How do you download from your account? I can't find any orders or links for that...The only way I could get it was from the e-mail download link or re-order....

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laurasomi by laurasomi 09 Aug 2019

If you click on the left side on My Account you will see all your orders, right next to Home, there is two My Accounts, next to where you log in and on the left side.