by toogie 08 Aug 2019

Hi Cuties, I'm back! I had a marvelous time. Our Creator has made beautiful places for us to see, and for those lucky enough, to live in. If we weren't going to be in a place, but an hour and a half for lunch, I skipped lunch and explored. I could eat a pack of crackers & water when I got back on the bus, but I wanted to see what was there, while I was there. I felt like a child on an adventure.-lol

The prettiest picture, to me, looked like a postcard I took in Peggy's Cove (see my other post in links below) It was so picture perfect it doesn't look real.
We started out at Bar Harbor, Maine after landing in Portland. I walked all the way across the sandbar, while the tide was out, to the little island of trees/forest. Kathy gave up part way and stopped to search for broken pottery or shells. When we walked back to Agamont Park to wait for our bus I went to find a bench, in the shade. After a while a couple for the UK asked if I minded sharing my bench with them. As we spoke, they said they had a yacht in the harbor and had been sailing for two years! They had been to the Carolinas before coming on up to Maine. They said they were going on up maybe as far as Newfoundland. It was interesting talking with them, as they ate their lunch and I waited for my bus.
On Sunday, we had a step on guide for the whole day that took us around Halifax, Novia Scotia, Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg. At Peggy's Cove is where the bagpiper played and when we left we drove around St Margaret's Bay, where Swissair flight 111 went down, in 1998, killing all 229 passengers and crew members. There has been a memorial set up in memory of all those who perished....Lunenburg was a pretty place with boats anchored at the wharf and colorful buildings. We visited a church, where a few members were buried underneath the church!
Monday we drove across the beautiful Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island staying in the countryside out of Kensington, PE. It was a night to relax and the grounds were so peaceful and pretty. Kathy and I had an upper room overlooking the manicured grounds, a body of water and a church on a hillside.
The next morning was Tuesday and we had another day with a step on guide. He took us to the University of PEI hockey arena or gym, whatever it's called. It was a treat for us, as we are so far south, hockey is almost unheard of here-lol That day we went to Anne of Green Gables! I walked along Lover's Lane, but didn't go into the Haunted Woods. Not because of fear (lol), but because I was running out of time. We almost didn't get to go there, but that's a story for another time.
We also visited historic St Mary's church on PEI est in 1902. It was to be torn down because of cost to upkeep. Some musicians had concerts there and still do to raise money to save it and now it should never be torn down. (See video in link below) They hold festivals there and the host offered anyone in our group to play piano. We had one lady that waited until most were back on the bus before she went to play. Thank goodness I was able to enjoy her playing and recorded some of it. Those who witnessed it, were as surprised as me, of her exceptional talent.
Wednesday we went to Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick where the rocks look like flower pots. The tide was coming in, so we didn't get to walk among the towering boulders, which was a disappointment. You really can't imagine the size of them in a picture. We went to Reversing Falls in Saint John,NB before and after dinner. The water flows like rapids and changes with the tides. I think this was the day, or maybe it was Tuesday, a lady got sick. That's another story...
Thursday we went to Kings Landing where we stepped back in time. This taken from Wikipedia:Kings Landing is a New Brunswick, living history museum with original buildings from the period of 1820-1920. It was created around buildings that were saved and moved to make way for the headpond for the Mactaquac Dam. I showed Nora one of my pictures, the shop keeper was showing me some red fabric to buy. Unfortunately, my current money was something he had never seen, so was worthless in 'his' century. (Almost in mine too!-lol)
This was our last night so we drove back to Portland, Maine to stay and fly home Friday. I got back home about 9 pm totally exhausted, but very thankful for the opportunity to see firsthand more of God's beautiful creations.
We visited, shopped or ate other places too, besides Portland, Bar Harbor, & Bangor,Me
Woodstock,Moncton, Shediac,Hopewell Cape,St John, Fredericton,NB
Charlottetown, Cavendish,Kensington, Summerside, Prince Edward Island, maybe more, I can't remember.
We had some unfortunate happenings that my niece seemed to handle very well. Just one episode would have been stressful but five was almost too much.
I mentioned a lady got sick almost immediately. Thanks goodness her 21 year old granddaughter was traveling too, because when we had to call an ambulance for her, the granddaughter went with her. They just made it home yesterday, as she was admitted into hospital for about 5 days. Her daughter flew to meet them right away so that was good.
Then airports are a nightmare sometimes. In Washington, DC the shuttle couldn't take everybody and the wait for another almost made some miss the flight going. Returning, the Charlotte Douglas International airline overbooked the flight and 7 of our remaining 37 passengers were not assigned a seat. Well my niece handled that as she had booked months in advance, so we got everyone on board, though I know the ones who got bumped were upset.
Also, we had 2 accidents using the airport escalators. I had just told Pam I don't ride the escalator because I have a balance problem. I did however place my luggage on and I walked up the stairs. I told Pam in front of my luggage to retrieve it if it made it before me.
About the time we both reached the top, we heard some shouting. When we looked down, one of our men had fallen and rode the escalator on his back with feet up in the air and head down! I was making my way to help him up when an airport employee saw and he helped.
Just as we were raising Richard to an upright position, we heard some screaming again. One of our ladies, about as heavy as me :( and in her 70's fell and cut a complete flip! If she hadn't had anyone behind her to stop her, she may have tumbled more. Her forearm had the skin rolled back in about a 2 1/2 inch square and bruising. Richard said he was ok, but when we got on our bus to come on home, his wife said his elbow was bleeding.
We had 5 retired nurses on our trip and so they attended to the ladies each time but Richard was too stubborn to let them help, his wife's words, not mine.
So I know my niece was glad for this trip to be over. Everyone commended her, for handling all situations in stride, but she said her insides were churning, she just couldn't show it.
If I get a chance, I'll try to add more pic later but I want to resize them first so as not to take up so much bandwidth or whatever it's called. If I have time. Tomorrow is keeping Rylan again. I had a funeral Monday, babysat Tuesday & Wednesday, today a QOV presentation and LIFE goes on!-lol
Hope you like my escapades-lol-and it's good to be home, here and on Cute!-Toogie


by michemb 10 Aug 2019

Thanks for taking me down memory lane Toogie. I lived in Nova Scotia (born not far from Peggy's Cove) and my family currently lives in New Brunswick (I just got back from a visit). Have visited P.E.I. several times and love it there. Maine is ''MY FABRIC SHOPPING HEAVEN'' where I try to go once a year. Loads and loads of fabric at 1/5th of the price I pay here. I could spend all day in one store. So happy you enjoyed our wonderful part of the world. Always lots to see in the Maritimes and the people are wonderful.

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toogie by toogie 11 Aug 2019

I experienced the difference in prices so I know what you mean. Those provinces were a lot higher!
We are not close to any water here at home so all the waterways were a treat but Peggys Cove was the icing on the cake! You were fortunate to grow up in such a beautiful spot.

by cfidl 09 Aug 2019

What a wonderful journey. I enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the pics. I would love to visit that area of the country again. I think this time of year is the best time. I do not remember going into the ocean at all. Did you see any swim beaches or all they all rocky?

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toogie by toogie 11 Aug 2019

What we saw was rocky and cliffs, so no way to get to the water. I'm sure it was cold. At Bar Harbor, Maine those that were in the water when I walked across the sand bar said it was freezingly cold.

by pennifold 09 Aug 2019

How wonderful your trip was Toogie and to see all those places you spoke of in your post in my mind's eye was fantastic. Your photographs are gorgeous too and I'm so happy you are back home safe and sound. Back to normal eh? Glad to hear Rylan is doing o.k. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 09 Aug 2019

Thanks Chris our 'normal' is very similar so I know you understand when I say I hit the ground running-lol- good to be back, thanks.

by airyfairy 09 Aug 2019

My word Toogie, what an adventure. I so enjoyed your stories and the photographs.

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toogie by toogie 09 Aug 2019

Hi Sarah, I read your post with Josh & Emma . Are they still traveling? I know they are having a ball!

by marianb 09 Aug 2019

Love your pictures and travel notes, sounded like a great trip besides the mishaps.

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toogie by toogie 11 Aug 2019

It was a great trip Marian. I may never have the opportunity to go back but I'm glad I went.

by gerryvb 09 Aug 2019

good to know you are home safe again, after this beautiful trip. Thank you for sharing

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toogie by toogie 11 Aug 2019

Thank you and yes I'm glad to be home safe & sound.

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Aug 2019

Toogie you are a great photographer. I love all the pictures you took. I only got greener with envy reading all about your trip.

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toogie by toogie 11 Aug 2019

Ah don't be envious, you have your own stories to tell, I'm sure. I love photography. Years ago my sister wanted me to take a class at college because she said I had an 'eye' for it. Never did but wished I would have. I don't even have a working camera anymore.

by graceandham 08 Aug 2019

Your pictures made me cry, except maybe the Subway. My grandmother was from PEI and she so loved the beach. I can picture her standing there on the rocks with her French twist blowing in the wind!

toogie by toogie 08 Aug 2019

Ah, I love PEI with all the fields and waterways. I can picture Lucy M Montgomery or the fictional Anne with an e roaming the countryside.

toogie by toogie 08 Aug 2019

Oh I had to put Subway with the Nova Scotia sign bc when Kathy and I go fabric shopping we end up at Subway.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

by dragonflyer 08 Aug 2019

Wow, sounds like you had a wonderful but "adventurous" trip...I am exhausted just reading it! Welcome were missed!

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toogie by toogie 08 Aug 2019

Thanks Kim and I'm still exhausted. I came home Frriday night and Saturday I washed clothes and took napsπŸ˜‰. Sunday morning in church and Sunday afternoon a wake. Monday to the funeral. Tuesday went to buy a hot water heater for my niece living in my moms house, while keeping Rylan too. Had him Wednesday and today was our QOV day where I help present quilts. I just found out a little while ago I don't have to keep Rylan tomorrow. I don't know to just be lazy and rest or get some sewing done while I have the chance. I will have to soon make gifts for a trip in November. My niece told me today we have 50 going! That means 100 gifts!😳 I need some inspiration... Got any new ideas for a 5x7 hoop?

by dailylaundry 08 Aug 2019

Oh wow, what an adventure!! Love your recap! Hope little Rylan is doing well!! Hugs to you, you should write a book!!

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toogie by toogie 08 Aug 2019

I thought I almost did write a book here or at least a chapterπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Rylan is doing well thank you. He goes back to the neurologist in about 10 days and we are hoping his head will be completely healed and he can go to day care.πŸ˜€