by SaraD47 05 Aug 2019

Oh please help I got my very first machine a couple of days ago and spent all day yesterday on it. The very first ting I did was perfect. I was able to change colours - no problem, they showed up well. However when I went to do further things it was the bobbin thread that was showing on the top - 3 times it happened and 3 times i ruined what I was trying to do. I thought it could have been the design switching the threads (Very naive person here!!) I didn't change any tension and the materials were the same. The only thing that was different, at first was the thread but I changed this back and then got into a whole heap of problems with bird nesting (is that what you call it?)!!!! Please does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


by cfidl 07 Aug 2019

Welcome to Cute! Hope things are better now. Wish I could help but I still feel like a newbie at times. I have had lots of birds nest. Lots of cleaning out and sending machine in for cleaning and tweaking.

by pennyhal2 07 Aug 2019

Welcome to Cuties!

I was having a ton of problems with my bobbin thread. I finally took the bobbin and its case out and got a flashlight and my magnifying glass to look inside there. While the bobbin case was clean, I had a teeny tiny piece of thread way back in there that I could hardly see. Once I got it out, stitching was back to normal. So, even something that small can cause problems. What brand machine do you have?

by pennifold 05 Aug 2019

Welcome Sara to Cute and I see you have been given some very good advice from our Cuties already. I'm sure once you've done everything suggested below that you will find it sewing out well. It's usually threading machine incorrectly.
I notice dragonflyer (Kim) has mentioned your bobbin too. I did this once or twice and if the bobbin thread is not put in the correct way, yes, that's right - there is a right way to put bobbin into the bobbin case!!!! Good luck and I hope you write back and let us know that you've solved the issue. Love Chris, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

by babash 05 Aug 2019

Just a thought you said the first one you did was perfect was the second one the same design? It could be a bad design this does happen.
As the others have said check your machine for threading issues and stray bits of thread stuck where it shouldn't be.
What type of machine is it?
Welcome to Cute.

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by AuntAnnie edited 05 Aug 2019

If everything possible has been checked and the bobbin thread still shows on top, I use matching thread in the bobbin.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 05 Aug 2019

That won't help her with the bird nesting problem....

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 06 Aug 2019

Others already addressed the nesting problems; I addressed a solution to the bobbin thread showing problem. Like I said, check everything possible!

by SaraD47 05 Aug 2019

Thank you. I will try all of your suggestions and will try on spare material the same as what I'm using to see it still happens....

Q - it won't have anything to do with 2 different types of thread used? If 1 is silkier than the other? Or that I have pulled the fabric too tight in the loop?

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 05 Aug 2019

Not sure that the thread type is the problem...what brand and weight is it and also what bobbin thread are you using? Don't think you hooped the fabric too tight, BUT what stabilizer are you many factors can cause problems...come back and let us know how you are doing...and BIG WELCOME TO CUTE!

by Sewmum1 05 Aug 2019

Hi, welcome to cute. Congratulations on your new hobby.
You have some good suggestions already, here are some more things to check...

Remove the bobbin and top thread and rethread completely
Make sure when you thread your machine the presser foot is in the raised position. On many domestic machines this opens up the tension discs for the thread to lay between. If the foot is down when threading up machine, the thread doesn't sit where it should thus causing tension issues and possible bird nesting
Also after a bird's nest issue I suggest removing the needle plate and checking for stray threads which may be caught in there (You will probably need to look at your manual for this if you are unsure how to do) remove the bobbin and check for broken pieces of thread.

Check your needle hasn't been bent and replace if you need to. Make sure it is suitable for the fabric you are using.
Hopefully you have been able to solve the problem and can get back to your embroidery

by airyfairy 05 Aug 2019

Very odd that it all went well the first time. I agree with what dragonflyer has told you. This has bought back memories of embroidering for the first time. You will master this - just takes a little time

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by dragonflyer edited 05 Aug 2019

Sounds like it is not threaded correctly or perhaps your bobbin is in backwards??....un-thread the machine, get out your manual and follow it very carefully through the thread path...What kind of machine is it...make and model? It might help us help you...