by lildoll2 04 Aug 2019

dumb question for the week ?? can i increase the size of a crochet doily and have it turn out right ? i do this to a lot of my designs, but never tried it with crochet. could someone let me know soon, i want to get started today. also do you know of a good place to buy LG. crochet designs, the ones that only use 1 color and only 1 piece, thank you , happy sunday...Doris


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by pennifold edited 05 Aug 2019

Hi Doris, I fond some lovely crochet looking doilies on and I'm sure there are other companies too. Good luck, love Chris

I see Jofrog has given this site too, check all the pages out for Crochet. Have a look at the internet under Crochet doily designs in Machine embroidery.

by jofrog2000 05 Aug 2019

Here are a few sites that have a lot of nice fsl, might be large ones,.


by mrskiki 05 Aug 2019

I have tried to increase the size of fsl designs and they turn out distorted. Digitizers of these types of designs recommend you NOT change the size. Hugs. Nan

by dragonflyer 04 Aug 2019

Hi Doris...when you increase the size of FSL you run the risk of not having the stitches keep their joining properties so that when you rinse the WSS away, the stitches would not connect and could separate from each other...If I were going to try to increase a FSL design, I would stitch it over a layer of something like organza, something very sheer, so that if your stitches did not connect after you increased the size, the doily would still stay together because you would have the sheer organza as a base fabric. Many digitizers will increase their designs for you if you contact them and ask them for a larger/smaller size.

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lildoll2 by lildoll2 05 Aug 2019

i will try that when i give it go.. thank you Doris

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Aug 2019

I have increased some of my FSL designs, but when it comes to my advice, I would say no.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 04 Aug 2019

P. S. There is never a dumb question

lildoll2 by lildoll2 04 Aug 2019

i will try it anyway, can't hurt if i don't do a very big one ,where do you get your designs from? i can't find many that i like... thanks Doris

crafter2243 by crafter2243 04 Aug 2019

Depends of what you re looking for. Go to "" and in the search enter FSL you will see a whole lot. Also ""

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Aug 2019

Doris I am sorry but I cannot answer your great question which is a very sensible one. I too like enlarging designs and use my PE design to do so, so what softwear do you use. Happy Sunday too, though its after 6pm in the UK

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lildoll2 by lildoll2 04 Aug 2019

i have a new brother INNOV'IS VE2200 DREAM MAKER XE, i have this machine do the sizing for me i just tell it how much bigger i want and it does it, i will give it a try. on a small one. wish me luck, thanks, Doris