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by robertahilde ( edited 31 Jul 2019 ) 31 Jul 2019

To the wonderful person that maintain this site:

Please hurry-up fixing the trouble with the photos. Every morning as soon I am awake I switch my computer on for the pics full of humor by jerryvb and pennifold so my day can start with a smile no matter what!

Thanks and Hugs - Roberta


by zoefzoef 01 Aug 2019

Yes, sometimes maintenance needs to be done, just to keep the site(s) secure from hacking,....
see it possitive, when all is up and running again you have so much to catch up :-)

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Jul 2019

I am sure the owner is working on this as hard as she can. Sometimes we need to be patient while sites are being worked on