by basketkase 21 Jul 2019

Here's one you don't get to see often.....she is still quite skittish even though she has been in the house for over 5 yrs.....Cassi Sue......I do get to cut her nails every so often but only when she falls asleep in my lap.....she is the litter mate to Jif and Skip and older sister to Parfait.....


by stork 22 Jul 2019

She looks just like my cat, Missy. Hugs!

by graceandham 22 Jul 2019

Maybe she just doesn't like being put on film. Hehe. So, right now, how many indoor cats do you have? It is amazing how patient you have been with them.

by cfidl 21 Jul 2019

The work you did to get her and her siblings inside was totally amazing. so glad you got a pic.

by lbrow 21 Jul 2019

Aha Surprised her didn't you. She is a beauty.

by sdrise 21 Jul 2019

How beautiful!! She is lucky girl to be with you both.