by anagha 18 Jul 2019

Hellow everyone...

is there any written tutorial for wings experience?
i have software but have many doubts...thanks


by Zinobia 11 Aug 2019

Hi Anagha

Somebody was teaching in Pune few years back. If interested let me know. I will check if she would teach you or answer any particular difficulties.

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Jul 2019

What are your doubts

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anagha by anagha 19 Jul 2019

I'm not able to digitize designs skillfully

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by dragonflyer edited 18 Jul 2019

I just Googled Wings Experience and there are a couple of YouTube video tutorials...not sure if this is what you are looking for...but they might be helpful....

by awesome1 18 Jul 2019

Are you asking abt "my editor"? I've used it for yr's...perhaps I can answer your questions?

awesome1 by awesome1 18 Jul 2019

It is editing software and does a lot of things, but I am not aware of any instruction for digitizing, if that is the info you are seeking.

anagha by anagha 18 Jul 2019

I want to know how to digitize

anagha by anagha 18 Jul 2019

No no..not my editor

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Jul 2019

I see that they have on line videos in the member area. I do not know anything about the product. I just searched for it.

anagha by anagha 18 Jul 2019


mops by mops 18 Jul 2019

So did I and I found a few written instructions on their website for some of the new features. And a number of video's on you tube.