by babash 09 Jul 2019

Thought I would show you my cheeky friends. They are so tame now they sing at my back door. I am sure they understand every word I say when I tell them go catch that naughty grasshopper that is eating my Roses.

We don't have any cats but next door has 2 so the Magpie birds have a rest amongst the fake birds.


by lbrow 10 Jul 2019

Thank you for sharing!

by sdrise 10 Jul 2019

Mother nature at its best!

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babash by babash 10 Jul 2019

Nice to think even in the city we can have birds of all kinds close enough to appreciate.

by marianb 10 Jul 2019

I have a family of 4 that come past each day, no pets at the moment so they feel safe.

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babash by babash 10 Jul 2019

They are fun to watch. I have never been bombed by them so not scared but have a Son who won't come outside if they are here.

by shirley124 09 Jul 2019

I love your birds. Hugs

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babash by babash 10 Jul 2019

I love how they sing to you