by basketkase 28 Jun 2019

This design is straight from my is called Adopt Matters and will be up on my website tonight.....sorry pic is bad, but design stitched flawlessly.......


by sonjapotgieter 02 Jul 2019

Great designs!!!Gorgeous!!!

by zoefzoef 30 Jun 2019

It is a very beautifull design !

by pennyhal2 30 Jun 2019

What a cute design and great message! Well done!

by pennifold 30 Jun 2019

Such lovely sentiments. Love Chris

by bemara 30 Jun 2019

wow, so great, this is perfect for me, hugs Maria =^..^=

by sewtired 30 Jun 2019


by airyfairy 29 Jun 2019

This is one for me. I just love it. Would it stitch on to a tea towel Vicki?

basketkase by basketkase 29 Jun 2019

It should.....this is just one layer of cutaway underneath and black cutaway on top of the fabric....

noah by noah 29 Jun 2019

Why u do that Momma what can u do with it now???I never thought of this???

basketkase by basketkase 30 Jun 2019

I find it cheaper than having to buy fabric to test on....I still have to use stabilizer under fabric, so no fabric saves me money when I am testing......

bescal by bescal 30 Jun 2019

I find it a great way to use scraps of either fabric or stabilizer. Float the scrap if too small to hoop.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 30 Jun 2019

I had been thinking of doing that to test out designs, but was too much of a wimp to actually do it. Your explanation helps me to actually do it!

by dragonflyer 28 Jun 2019

So very important...

by noah 28 Jun 2019

So nice Vicki love it hugs