by basketkase 12 Jun 2019

This oughta keep me busy......I have 22 white and 4 orange tshirts to do for this company and then the owner will have 20 more for me after she tie dyes them....will show you them when I get one done.......


by sonjapotgieter 17 Jun 2019

Many thanks

by sebsews 16 Jun 2019

Thanks for the great tip!

by pennyhal2 14 Jun 2019

I don't know that I have the skill to actually stitch on this type of shirt. It doesn't look like a very sturdy knit to me. But, you sure nailed it!

by crazypatchmama 14 Jun 2019

Really beautifully stitched. Thank you for the tip, will I be able to apply it is another question. :-))

by sewtired 13 Jun 2019

Isn't she awesome! Expert digitizer, expert embroiderer, expert cat lady, and she shares her tips with us.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 14 Jun 2019

I agree!

by noah 12 Jun 2019

Wow u do an excellent job on t-shirts, not a wrinkle:):)

basketkase by basketkase 12 Jun 2019

How I don't get puckering on is all in how
I digitized it to stitch....I stitched the craft, then udon and the same with the 2nd line text....I find by stitching from the middle out it reduces the push/pull of the fabric therefore not creating puckers...

basketkase by basketkase 12 Jun 2019

I meant to type the ydob...

pennifold by pennifold 12 Jun 2019

That sounds logical - I'm glad you know how to do it. Love Chris

noah by noah 12 Jun 2019

wow new idea thanks your the best at this Vicki

mops by mops 13 Jun 2019

I know it is the way to design for caps, Embird even has a setting that does it for you. But I never thought of using that for shirts as well. Great tip, Vicky, thanks!

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jun 2019

I know, Martine........While I was digitizing for these tshirts, I had the idea that the tshirt material is so bad for pull compensation that maybe the way we do hats would work best for tshirt stuff and boy, was I pleased with the result....have all 26 done and not one pucker...Yay! Unfortunately I have to sequence this myself as Bernina software doesn't have an automatic command for it....

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Jun 2019

That is a whole lot of shirts to do. I know you will have them done in no time.

by stork 12 Jun 2019

Great designs!!!! You definitely have your hands full......

by sonjapotgieter 12 Jun 2019

So Beautiful!!!