by babash 10 Jun 2019

I just ordered a design from Embroidery Library and noticed for the first time I was charged sales tax. I haven't bought from them for ages as nothing appealed like it used to. Checked back in 2018 and not charged sales tax. Just wondered if any other Australians who buy more often have been charged this fee?

I believe the site was sold a while ago and design styles seem different.


by meganne 07 Jul 2019

You know what annoys me most, is that we don't pay GST on used/ second hand goods, in Australia, but we are now being charged GST on EVERYTHING we purchase from O/S sellers, whether it's new or used.
This really is so wrong!
I refuse to buy anything from Harvey Norman now, as a matter of principal. Rant over.

by mihok 07 Jul 2019

The taxes are being charged now for online purchases because states are losing so much tax money for online sales. So what ever your state tax is that is what you will be charged. I don't care for it either but I do understand. Reba

by lidiad 11 Jun 2019

In the past few days I have bought embroidery designs from a few different overseas websites and only Embroidery Library has charged GST, nobody else. Some time ago I have read that the GST would apply to purchases over $100.00 (Australian dollars), maybe the law has changed to include even lower amounts. Between the credit card charges, the dollar conversion, and the GST charges, one gets a bit discouraged to buy designs at full price and that's why I buy when the designs are offered at a GOOD discounted price.
Hugs, Lidia

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 12 Jun 2019

I try to use my credit card which doesn't charge for currency conversions.Before I buy I check a currency conversion site, I record how much the items costs & when the bill arrives ,the costs may vary by a cent or two on the final total.
Using pay pal costs about 3 cents extra on every single dollar.

by babash 11 Jun 2019

Got a reply from Embroidery Library and they state they are collecting the tax for Australian govt.
Maybe it is a good thing their designs aren't as nice as they used to be saves me money. As with the tax and exchange rate it as Killercrankie said it almost makes one $1 become $1.55 and that doesn't include the 3% credit card charge,

by sdrise 11 Jun 2019

Yes it has been a while since they charge Tax. When they changed the web site a lot of the designers are gone. New designers for a while. I have not found much to my liking any more and seldom buy.. I am choosy about when I buy too since the taxes. The deals are not as great for a while too as they used to be. Change Oh well...

by marianb 11 Jun 2019

Yes have been paying it for a while now, between the tax and the $ rate you have to be a little more choosy in the amount of designs you buy.

by killiecrankie 11 Jun 2019

They started to charge sales tax nearly a year ago.With our dollar being so low ,sales tax & if you use pay pal ,every US$1 ends up costing about $1.55 AUD.This also applies to Urban Threads.
Blame Geoff Harvey owner of Harvey Norman who pushed the government to charge GST on overseas internet purchases because he thought he was losing business to oversea businesses.

pennifold by pennifold 11 Jun 2019

It's Gerry Harvey Judy. Love Chris

lidiad by lidiad 11 Jun 2019

In this case, Gerry Harvey hasn't lost any business because Harvey Norman doesn't sell machine embroidery designs, so they should be excluded from GST! :-)
Hugs, Lidia

shirley124 by shirley124 11 Jun 2019

Hear. Hear. I go along with Lidia

babash by babash 11 Jun 2019

Gerry Harvey has a finger in so many pies who knows he may own an Embroidery site. I saw a cooking segment on TV and he has Wagyu Beef and also has the market cornered on the little cucumbers called Quikes,
I iked it when you could spend under $1000 and not pay tax. I only buy online what I can't get here in Australia.

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 12 Jun 2019

Thanks Chris I realized later ,that I had the wrong christian name.Geoff Harvey was a musician.