by mi30kaja 10 Jun 2019

Hi All, I haven't posted for Oh So Long but I am always here in the background. I did a Market last Sunday and naturally it was raining in Sth Aust because it was Market Day. I had a young Lass come to me and was admiring my Kitchen towels and then she asked if I ever did any with seeds and or seedpods. I can't say I have ever seen any of these designs, so please if you know of any can you let me know. Guess I will never see her again but now I am curious


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by maggiecal 11 Jun 2019

I’ve seen opium poppy pods. dandelions in seed and maple tree seeds (they have those wings), plus the seed packets already mentioned. Not finding the poppy pods design, will continue to look for it. Quite a few folks have dandelions in seed with the fluff blowing (in the U.S., it was a thing to make a wish and blow on the seed head). You could get one of the dandelion designs and make a towel front that’s all the floating seed heads (some other seeds do that as well).

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 11 Jun 2019

Thank You. I will go searching. This young girl did mention Botanicals so imagine she was thinking along those lines.

by babash 10 Jun 2019

Maybe check out Embroidery Library I remember I saw seed packets on there. Or type in Gumnuts embroidery designs maybe something in native flowers might come up

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 11 Jun 2019

Thank You. Will check them out.