by noah 09 Jun 2019

The question, At camp our internet goes off and on and i tried to buy a design for a buck like Thursday . It was about a hairdresser . Does anyone remember where it was???I thought i bought it but i guess not???Thanks Carolyn


by noah 10 Jun 2019

I bought it but it didn't show so they resent it to me thinks

by TheJules 10 Jun 2019

Tattered Stitch Embroideries offered a new hairdresser design recently... perhaps it was that one? Tried to add a link, but was unsuccessful. Jules

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noah by noah 10 Jun 2019

thanks hugs

by lilylady 10 Jun 2019

Tattered Stitches
Happy Sat- Free Hairdressers Pattern Expires June 14. On sale this weekend for $1.95

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noah by noah 10 Jun 2019

yes thanks hope it is still there thanks

by pennifold 10 Jun 2019

Sorry Carolyn, I don't know. Was it advertised in one of the Freebies here in the Community section? I know Gerry puts up free designs every day, as does Kim and sewmom. Goo luck in finding it. Love Chris