by bemara 29 May 2019

Hi cuties, I look for a special dog breed. In german PON or better: Polish lowland Sheepdog. What I have found (emblibrary, embroidermix,) till present is not really good or the race is not to be recognized, I need it in 4’x4’ -pes, maybe you have seen something? Thank you :-)


by pennyhal2 01 Jun 2019

I've never seen this breed done in ME, but the kind people on this forum may be able to help you out. If you have software that does photo stitch, you could try that.

by pennifold 29 May 2019

Hi Maria, I agree with Caroline (asterixsew).
I am sure Vicki would help you out or one of our other digitisers on here. I've put up a picture of a Polish lowland sheepdog in case anyone knows if there is one out there in "Internet land" Love Ch

bemara by bemara 29 May 2019

Yes this Photo is perfect, I wanted to make Vicki not again work... yesterday I have bought sheepdogs..... are not these small ones. . .I need them only in three weeks, maybe still somebody contacts, I thank you Chris, hugs Maria

crafter2243 by crafter2243 29 May 2019

Maria tut mir leid. ich hab ueber all nachgeschaut und nichts gefunden

bemara by bemara 30 May 2019

Vielen Dank Angie, die ich gefunden habe sehen eher wie Bobtails aus . .ich werde sie mal probesticken . . . liebe Grüße, Maria

by asterixsew Moderator 29 May 2019

Just a suggestion... basketkase is a brilliant digitiser and doesn't charge extortionate rates so I would suggest that you get your own design created that is exactly what you want. I have to say it is not a breed I have heard of but that's not surprising in the UK

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bemara by bemara 29 May 2019

thanks for your quick answer :-)