by marianb 22 May 2019

Hi to all American and Canadian Cuties, my huband and I are planning a trip over there in your Spring 2020 and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your States is there anything special to see. I know I want to got to Hamilton Missouri so I can load up on fabrics :):) and probably the usual tourist places.. Grand Canyon, Las Vegas ect. Look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Thanks Marian


by toogie 24 May 2019

Oh Marian I am so happy for you! I know you will enjoy your trip. How long will you have here?
I can tell you I have been to Jenny Doan's many fabric shops and LOVED looking and buying. Your hubby may be bored, but I know in at least one of the shops they had comfortable furniture, for men to sit and maybe a television, not sure. However, if you go to Hamilton, don't expect a big place. It is out in the middle of nowhere and open land all around. I liked the drive, but I like the country. Fabric shops are all there are, but there are plenty of them, up and down the street.
There are plenty of places to go and things to see. Not sure of what your interest or plans are? If you want to see natural beauty of the land or water, or if you like shows/plays or if you're interested in different foods, but I'm sure you'll find plenty to entertain yourselves.

by 02kar Moderator 24 May 2019

You can never run out of places to go to and tourist traps to see. I really recommend the beautiful natural places like Yellowstone, any of the mountain ranges, the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico truly are amazing. I'm not much of a city person but can never get enough of the natural beauty in the US

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toogie by toogie 24 May 2019

Me too Karen. Once when Ashley wanted to go with her dad and I to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Tennessee area, I told her you can go, BUT. We are not doing shows, amusement parks, etc. We are seeing the natural beauty of the place, doing hikes up the mountains to the waterfalls and scenic views, etc. She agreed and we all 3 had a great time. When we got home and I was telling my co-worker where all we hiked, she said she had been 3 times to Clingman's Dome and had never made it to the top! I was very surprised. I thought she was in better shape than I was. I am not saying I didn't take a rest, on the many benches along the way, tho-lol

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by sandyqueen edited 22 May 2019

Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park in Montana. Yellowstone has geysers and other interesting things not found elsewhere. Glacier
has beautiful scenery and joins Banff Park in Canada.

Look these up in Wikipedia.


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marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

thank you

by hightechgrammy 22 May 2019

Hi Marian, I'm from Colorado and would love for you to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. IT has the worlds longest highest highway in the tundra. Incredible God's creation. But, of all the National Parks I would really want you to be sure to go to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It is incredible, geysers, waterfalls, Old Faithful and so much more. Such a variety of incredible formations. This is a photo I took of Trail Ridge Road with a couple of Elk in the foreground and 14,000 ft Long's Peak in the background.

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marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

Wow thank you

by irenewayne 22 May 2019

Hi Marian
An Aussie cutie with American suggestions. LOL.
If you are going to Grand Canyon then you must be going to Arizona & if you are into Native American then you have have to visit Canyon De Chelle. They ave tours through the Canyon & a Navaho guide who gives you the history of the place, Do a google search on the place also if you are visiting Tennessee we did a tour of Jack Daniels estate & of course Gracelands. Also google Gaylords 0pryland Resort & Convention Center I think in Nashville. Stayed there for 4 nights, Spectacular. I could go on forever LOL but gives you some idea.. Las Vegas was great too. If you need anymore just PM me.

irenewayne by irenewayne 22 May 2019

Sorry about spelling mistakes. Brain working too fast for fingers.

marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

Great suggestions thank you

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by graceandham edited 22 May 2019

Atlanta has enough to keep you occupied for a week and much of it is free. I'm in Alabama now and for beaches, you can't beat the crystal blue waters of Alabama and the west coast of Florida. On the way between Alabama and Georgia, beautiful gardens at Calloway Gardens and the Little White House of Roosevelt. In Alabama south of Montgomery, the best industrial plant tour I've ever taken at the Hyundai plant, free, but reserve ahead. Very advanced and futuristic, lots of automation but also interesting care of employees by keeping the job interesting. If you go out west, out in the middle of nowhere, Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico is the most awesome natural site I've experienced ever. Makes you believe in God. The Getty Museum in California is a classy museum with awesome outdoor views and restaurant too.

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marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

thank you

by dragonflyer 22 May 2019

....More California....
The drive down from San Francisco to Monterey and the Carmel Valley then down Highway 1 to San Simeon is breathtaking! Highway 1 was closed for almost a year, but is now open. It is a drive not to be missed.

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marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

Sounds great I might have to extend my holiday to a few months lol..

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 May 2019

Yosemite National Park. San Francisco's Golden Gate and ocean. There is so much to see you could spend month.
Stop by. I have the guest room ready.

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marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

would love to catch up with as many cuties as I can..

by crafty4231 22 May 2019

I live in Northern Virginia just a stones through from our nations capital of Washington, D.C. There is lots to see here. the White House, the Capital building, lots of wonderful memorials and museums (and most are free to see). In VA, there is Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. The Manassas Battlefields from the Civil War and lots more.

graceandham by graceandham 22 May 2019

It would be neat if you have a car to go from Washington (don't miss National Portrait Gallery) to Mount Vernon and other historic homes on the Virginia peninsula and then on to the peacefulness and great ancient beauty of the North Carolina Outer Banks - Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers leaned to make airplanes. Parasailing and other outdoor adventures there, too, but just to enjoy the beauty and quiet....

marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

We are hoping to drive around some as well as tours

by lilylady 22 May 2019

Hi from Minnesota. One of our biggest tourist attraction is the start of the Mississippi. If you have heard of the mighty Mississippi a river that runs from Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota to Gulf of Mexico. And of coarse the Mall Of America in Minneapolis Sounds like a wonderful trip. Have a great time.

irenewayne by irenewayne 22 May 2019

Did a paddle steamer cruise on the Mississippi. Great day

marianb by marianb 23 May 2019

wonderful thank you