by toogie 20 May 2019

Good day Cuties, I was wondering if any of you have ever seen a cat like this? It has been staying around our house for about a month now. It's got a bob tail and look at the color. It's big too, maybe 'cause it's so fluffy.


by killiecrankie 22 May 2019

I think if this beautiful fluffy cat has a microchip it would be impossible to feel because they are slightly bigger that a grain of rice & are placed in the animals scruff.You need a special hand held device to find the chip & they are known to move from where they were inserted.I haven't felt our dogs chip since she was a puppy.

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by sdrise edited 21 May 2019

Hi Toogie

This is not a coon nor a Manx... It is a domestic longhaired cat.. The tail is not short enough to be a Manx. To me the tail was injured or died and fell off.

When the kittens are in the mom and the mom is sick with a fever the pigments of the color that the cat is suppose to be stop producing and do not adhere to the fur. Looks like it was suppose to be a Tuxedo long haired cat. instead of black on the back you get this weird brown.

I have one right now that looks like this only no white. Just black on the head and bib and brown on the rest of his body

This condition is called Fever coat.. Hope that helps ...Suzanne.
Do check at a vet it may have a microchip. We micro chip all our cats that are adopted out.

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2019

I copied this from Wikipedia:
Fever coat
Fever coat is an effect known in domestic cats, where a pregnant female cat has a fever or is stressed, causing her unborn kittens' fur to develop a silver-type color (silver-grey, cream, or reddish) rather than what the kitten's genetics would normally cause. After birth, over some weeks the silver fur is replaced naturally by fur colored according to the kitten's genetics.[17][18][19]

The cat above is full grown so it's 'silver-type color (silver-grey, cream, or reddish) should have been replaced by now, I would think according to this.
I truly have no idea what kind it is and really doesn't matter because it doesn't change how I see her. She is beautiful, don't you agree.

by momac 21 May 2019

Toogie, I've never seen a cat like that. It is really beautiful. Hugs Maureen

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2019

It is beautiful. I haven't seen her today....

by pennifold 21 May 2019

Wow! Toogie what an amazing looking coat on this cat. When I first looked at it I thought it was a combination of two types of cats. I can't understand why his/her tail is so short though. I hope a Vet can help you out if you can catch it. Love Chri

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2019

I told Ashley to send a photo to Kevin her BIL, the Vet, but I don't know if she did yet. Nora had piano recital last night and Ashley wasn't feeling well. She goes to doctor tomorrow.

by gerryvb 21 May 2019

wow, it's a beautiful cat, just like Killiecrankie said, maybe she has a chip. In our country it's a rule or cats and dogs have a chip.
But it is a beautiful looking cat, that's for sure.

toogie by toogie 21 May 2019

She hasn't been around today or I haven't seen her anyway. I haven't touched her, but can you feel the chip under the skin and where would I feel? I agree with you. I too, think she is beautiful.

gerryvb by gerryvb 22 May 2019

here in Holland they chip in the ear, but I don't know if you can feel it, it's a very small chip. hugs

by killiecrankie 21 May 2019

Its a beautiful cat .I would take it to the nearest vet to see if it is chipped,then they would be able to locate the owners.Sometimes owners forget to update their phone numbers then it becomes nearly impossible to find them unless they have an unusual surname.Have you rung the pound or the nearest pet shelter.?
This is how we ended up with Gandalf,at first we thought he belonged to someone who had moved in nearby,after awhile we took him to the vet to check the microchip but he wasn't chipped.Microchipping for all cats & dogs has been compulsory for about 20yrs here.

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toogie by toogie 22 May 2019

Maybe she comes and goes to her 'home' where ever that is, as I haven't seen her today. I don't really have close neighbors (can see 2 houses in distance), but I have left food out, in case she is around.

by loriziegler 20 May 2019

She is absolutely stunning! I have 5 cats and I wish they were as unique as this one! The short tail is either Maine coon or Manx! They are good kitties!

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

I'm not familiar with the breeds of cats as I don't have any. Now if my Aunt Evelie was still living she would most likely want to add this one to her 'family' and know the name of the breed.

by irenewayne 20 May 2019

What a beauty!!!Lucky it's not in my yard as I would claim it. LOL Don't think my kitty would approve though.

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

My daughter wanted to take it. I wanted to see if someone comes looking for it but I think they really would have been by now. Her cats may not like the new one, I don't know.

by shirley124 20 May 2019

No I have never seen one like this before. Hugs

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

We haven't either. I showed it to one of our distant neighbors but they said it wasn't theirs, and they also had not seen one like it.

by ermaplatt 20 May 2019

Not sure about the bobbed tail but it looks like a Maine Coon. My daughter had one very similar.

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

I guess I need to do some research, thanks.

by dragonflyer 20 May 2019

I must admit, I am not a cat person, but this one is quite pretty...

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

I'm not either, always rather a dog but this one IS so pretty.

by graceandham 20 May 2019

A black kitten, feral I think, has taken up residence in my potted plants on the front patio. He's scared to death and jumps up and over the wall when he hears me. This cat in your picture is awesome.

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

It is a very pretty cat for sure.

by sewtired 20 May 2019

She's pretty. I looked up Manx and they come in all different coat patterns, though all white is rare. The long haired ones are usually called Cymric rather than Manx. It also said they are usually quite tame and good hunters.

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

The first time I saw her was on the gym set. We have a lot of birds in the mornings. I thought she may be up there to try to catch one of them.

by 02kar Moderator 20 May 2019

I've never seen a cat like this. But what an interesting animal. Is it owned, I don't see a collar.

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

No there isn't a collar. I was cooking last night and hubby called me to come see. He had never seen one like this either. I told him she was on the jungle jym and I took a picture of her from a distance but I could only see her face then. I also got a glimpse of her leaving to go in the woods one day.

by sharonleekesner 20 May 2019

We had one like this when I was growing up. I think my mom said it was a Manx.

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

You are probably right. My SIL's brother is a Vet. I think I'll contact him about her but he's an hour and half away. I don't know if he could find whose she is.

by sharonleekesner 20 May 2019

Maybe a Manx or part Manx?

by laurasomi 20 May 2019

She is beautyful, is she shy??

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2019

She is coming closer to the house, when I was snapping pictures, she came up my steps. I was on the porch. Also, I went in the yard about an hour later and she came up to me. Another cat came up and she moved away. The other cat is skittish but this one only seems scared of the other cat.