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by graceandham ( edited 16 May 2019 ) 16 May 2019

Needles by the 100's. Those of you who buy in quantity, here's a new use for your sewing machine needles. Supposedly, they will hold a picture on your wall under 30 pounds and not leave that great big hole when you move. Great for renters!


by barba 17 May 2019

This is how I have hung pictures, calendars, wallclocks, etc. forever. I put them in at an angle and they work perfectly. Since the top is a little thicker than the shaft they do not slip into the wall like a pin or tiny finish nail can. I only use my dull needles. I have sheetrock walls. Hugs and blessings, Barba

by sdrise 17 May 2019

Wow thanks for sharing Great idea!

by marianb 17 May 2019

Well that's a nifty idea if it works.

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mops by mops 17 May 2019

It does - at least on my walls - and I only use needles that are past their prime.