by tonilee 15 May 2019

I need to buy some new embroidery needle's, any one know of a good source and good price? thank you


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by pinon edited 16 Aug 2019

Allbrands. I use Organ needles (large eye embroidery) and buy by the hundred, free shipping in US. I have been buying them for years, but try a smaller pack and see what you think. I too don't feel comfortable listing a price.

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pinon by pinon edited 16 Aug 2019

Edited to add, that once you find what you need 0n-Ebay they can be much, much cheaper. WOW! Never looked before.

by aussiequilter 16 Aug 2019

I got some Organ brand my son ordered them while he was in the US a couple of years ago from allbrands

by sewcrazylady 14 Aug 2019

Right now NotJustThreads has all their Schmetz Machine needles reduced to 30% off while supplies last.

This is a Canadian store and all prices are in Canadian dollars.
They do ship worldwide.

Hope this helps:)

by pennyhal2 17 May 2019

Are you using machine embroidery titantium embroidery needles? You can on Ebay as well as other sites.

by pcteddyb 15 May 2019

I got my last batch from Amazon. I use Schmetz universals - the last batch was Schmetz India vs. Schemtz Germany so be sure to check before ordering if you specifically want Germany.

by asterixsew Moderator 15 May 2019

I buy my needles from ebay. I usually buy in a box of 100. I am not sure where you live in the world but am aware that your not a UK Cutie so I am not adding a price

by dragonflyer 15 May 2019

I get mine on E-Bay....I always get Organ Embroidery needles...they have a larger eye than regular sewing machine needles. It is much better to use the large eye needles as they help prevent shredding of the thread. They are a bit more, but well worth the price difference.

by maymason1 15 May 2019

opw, or metro. I buy in bulk :)