by basketkase 09 May 2019

Have a new customer......this is yet another young man who is breaking into branding his own apparel....he is going to fold this ribbon in half and stitch it on the outside of his clothing......I did 2 different ways with his brand so he has to decide which he likes best...I love the initials... anyway the small dots represent his children (have no clue why) and he will attach these to his children's line...

I wanted you to see these in the hoop so you can see how I did them.......this is satin ribbon and I did not stabilize it, just ran my machine slower than normal, also the black lettering is done with 60 wt thread..... you can see on the dot ribbon the one on the far right puckered so I changed the direction of the stitches and that worked on the last 2 ribbons.......


by stork 11 May 2019

Awesome idea!!!! This would be helpful even for us to use on kids camp items or things we have made!

by lidiad 10 May 2019

A difficult job done well!
Hugs, Lidia

by bemara 10 May 2019

oh , what a lot of work, the week-end is saved - LOL, hugs Maria

by Sewmum1 10 May 2019

Congratulations on another new customer. I like the initials too. I wonder if it is worth trying to float some scrap tear away under each set to reduce the puckers a little more..

by pennifold 09 May 2019

I agree with the majority, the initials look the best. Great idea and I do hope his business venture does well. Love Chris

by peafarm 09 May 2019

I'm for the initials also---never would have given it a thought to change a direction to see what quality stitch something gives except for the twin needle pintuck stitch on general Heirloom sewing. If he's happy with all them you've done yourself proud and him a great service. Hope he is successful also.

by pennyhal2 09 May 2019

Thanks for all the details and information. Very clever to think of just changing the direction of the stitches to solve a problem. I'll have to remember that! I can understand why he wants these. Buying woven labels is expensive too, plus you can't get exactly what one wants. He's happy for sure!

by dragonflyer 09 May 2019

Very interesting...I also like the initials....seems like an expensive way to label an entire line of apparel though....

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basketkase by basketkase 09 May 2019

He just picked them up and he is delighted and left both rolls of ribbon so I can stitch them......I agree, about being expensive.....what he is going to do is sew the tags on the outside of shirts by the hem.....

by dailylaundry 09 May 2019

Wow, this is interesting - I like the initials the best. Hope he is successful!

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basketkase by basketkase 09 May 2019

I like the initials best, too....he liked them both so with the rest of the ribbon he wants me to do both designs......