by stork 01 May 2019

Does anyone have any experience with eczema? I am having a deal of a time with it right now. I have a scrip for a cream and special shampoo. Am at wits end right now and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


by lhart 02 May 2019

Aveeno brand cream for eczema/psoriasis a really helps.

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stork by stork 02 May 2019

have tried that.....thank you

by Nicky602 02 May 2019

Try doing reflexology on yourself. Google for reflex charts. Massage the 'liver' area of your foot. and do the solar plexes area too. (Aids in the coping of things..) Thinking of you.

Lotsa Love

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stork by stork 02 May 2019

Thank you....will look that up. Used to do it to the little ones I kept over the years but got away from it.

by dec716 01 May 2019

I have psoriasis and I found that milk thistle works wonders I have taken it for 10 weeks now I am almost cleared up.This is were I buy mine

It's not expensive so give it a

1953slvv by 1953slvv 01 May 2019

Your body is storing emotional toxins and it's coming out through the skin to get your attention. It's time to heal the past. (Milk Thistle helps detox the liver.) LIver stores anger. Look to your emotions. Read the book "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by Karol K. Truman.

stork by stork 01 May 2019

Dealing with 2 SIL who aren't very nice can definitely be the culprit! ugh

stork by stork 01 May 2019

Thank you. We have a local health store I get my vitacost at so will head there tomorrow. Thank you!!!!

toogie by toogie 02 May 2019

I am open to anything that will help my husbands psoriasis, thanks.

lildoll2 by lildoll2 02 May 2019

i got it in my late 20's, i m 76 now , i used to work in hosp. i let them use me for test person for 15 years, nothing worked, i just guess i will take it to the grave with me , if you do find something that really works... not just a short time , please let me know, im tired of itching, doris

stork by stork 03 May 2019

I agree Doris.....I hate the itching. My first case was diagnosed right after my daughter had a miscarriage. Our OB/GYN was the same and he explained that I was in stress from the loss and this brought it on. Now, I just go thru everyday stuff and this is the worst it has been!!! Will keep you up to date on progress.