by dragonflyer 27 Apr 2019

Goin' Bonkers for Burps! This is my ITH Raggy Burp! Woke up in the middle of the night with this idea for a single hooping ITH Burp Cloth which would include a design and quilting through all layers and totally finished ITH...This was my test stitch out and I am pleased with the end results. I do need to make a few tweaks, but I have also made the file so that even a filled design can be added and then all will be quilted through all layers...Fast and EASY! Now to write the instructions for my class!


by Sewmum1 06 May 2019

Very cute. Love the dinosaur. Reminds me of one from a cartoon my dd used to watch

by blueeyedblonde 06 May 2019

Another great job!

by sonjapotgieter 29 Apr 2019

So Beautiful!!!Wow!!Great design,Idea and work Done!!!Just love this method you created!!!

by crazypatchmama 29 Apr 2019

Wow Kim, another great design. How lucky can your students be. Love the fact that it is als quilted at once. Hugs, Mary

by eilahtan 28 Apr 2019

Great work!!

by lilylady 28 Apr 2019

Neat Idea, never thought to have raw edges. This turned out sew clever!

by pennifold 28 Apr 2019

I am in awe of you digitisers who think outside the box on how to do these projects totally in the hoop. I'm glad you have these ideas in the middle of the night. It's always a good sign. Well done, love Chris

by lbrow 27 Apr 2019

Love it Kim. Wish I had a bigger hoop since I am going to have to make some shortly.

by brendalea 27 Apr 2019

You sure do nice work. Happy Stitching :-)

by graceandham 27 Apr 2019

Keep imagining in your sleep. This is a beautiful result.

by pennyhal2 27 Apr 2019

I like the raggety style of the edges. It's amazing how your mind woke you up to tell you something wonderful! Your students will love making it.

by noah 27 Apr 2019

So my burpies are on your mind two lol what a pair wre are ,Love this one also :):)hugs

by peafarm 27 Apr 2019

Kim, I wished I could take your classes. You come up with so many great ways to get the job done and with such great finishes. Love it. Any chances...........?