by stock 25 Apr 2019

I got tired of windows asking me to sign in, so I finally did, it changed everything on my comp. I had to go searching for all my folders, found them , now, I have PE design 7, when I have finished digitizing a design, press save as, it now goes right back to where the program( that is the brother file) is not to the folder of layout and editing where I have been, does anyone know if there is a way to fix this...wendy


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by Smokey12 edited 25 Apr 2019

When you use "save as" that is so you can change the name and/or location of the file. It is my personal favorite so I can always see where I put my file. To return it to the same location under the same name, just use "save". Then it overwrites the old file with the new one. Otherwise, you do have to tell it where to save the file every time with "save as". I don't know if you can change this in PE design because it is going there by a preset default on the program.

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stock by stock 26 Apr 2019

If I am digitizing an item that has a few designs, before after I had saved the first one it went straight back to the file I was using for the rest, but I didn't know about just save thanks for that..wendy

by pennifold 25 Apr 2019

Hi Wendy, sorry I can't help as I don't digitise, but I'm sure someone will come along and help you out. Love Chris