by aussiequilter 23 Apr 2019

Another 2 hand towels feady for the craft co op i have decided to put my price up to $10 each do you think this is ok these are cute designs,they stitched out beautifully


by blueeyedblonde 06 May 2019

Beautiful! They should be worth that, at least!

by lbrow 27 Apr 2019

I think you have done a beautiful job.

by mops Moderator 26 Apr 2019

Those towels look top dollar with those beautiful designs. I think I'll follow your lead and start embroidering some as well!

by basketkase 26 Apr 2019

Gorgeous towels.....great job....

by sebsews 26 Apr 2019

I think $10.00 is the right price. I sell my towels for $10.00 and if customer buys two I get the price of 2 for $18.00.

by vickiannette 26 Apr 2019

$10 is a very reasonable amount. Great designs

by vickiannette 26 Apr 2019

Lots of lovely stitching, so $10 is very reasonable.

by vickiannette 26 Apr 2019

Lots of lovely stitching, so $10 is very reasonable.

by pennyhal2 24 Apr 2019

You can't even buy a towel like these for $10 around here! Depending on your clientele, I'd say $12-$15. They are beautiful and your thread choices are very appealing!

graceandham by graceandham 24 Apr 2019

You could have stopped at "you can't even buy a towel like these." Anybody notice how few stitches in an embroidered towel at WalMart or other retail outlet. Probably 2-3,000.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 25 Apr 2019

Sad, but true.

by sonjapotgieter 24 Apr 2019

Beautiful work done!!!

by pennifold 24 Apr 2019

Beautiful sewing on these towels Monika. I love this set of Miss Veronika's flowers. Your colours are gorgeous too. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 23 Apr 2019

Nice job!

by shirley124 23 Apr 2019

Very nice. Well worth $10. Hugs

by babash 23 Apr 2019

Lovely looking Hand Towels. $10 each sounds good everything is getting more expensive. Saw some on special plain for $9 each. At that price very little to cover your thread costs.
If you can get to a Costco they have packs of White good thick quality hand towels that work out to a good price.

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aussiequilter by aussiequilter 24 Apr 2019

No Costco in Forbes unfortunately....

by dailylaundry 23 Apr 2019

These are wonderful - great colors!! I am not good at pricing things - but these look great!

by noah 23 Apr 2019

yes 10 bucks is an excellent price .I love them you did a great stitch out hugs Carolyn