by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Apr 2019

With tears in my eyes I am watching the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral. What a loss in so many ways. Spiritual, architectural, art and historic. It just brakes my heart..


by tachau 17 Apr 2019

personne ne peut être indifférent devant cette catastrophe
Notre Dame n'appartient pas qu'aux français elle appartient à l'humanité
Merci à vous tous pour votre soutien, je souffre dans mon âme, mais le courage et la détermination permettront de la remettre debout.

by toogie 16 Apr 2019

My heart aches for the whole world's loss, but especially for the French citizens. This was a landmark in their Homeland and all of us internationally got to benefit from the French sharing this beautiful site with us. A very sad event currently,and still will be a sad day in history.

by 02kar Moderator 16 Apr 2019

It was a horrible way to end our day yesterday. My grieves for the people of France. Such a tragedy for all Christians.

by sewdoctor 16 Apr 2019

I am absolutely sure that the whole world grieves with Paris\France. I cried watching the videos and pictures..Even if rebuilt, it won't be the same...too terribly tragic.

by eminataraj 16 Apr 2019

Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires. En France, tout le monde est choqué par cet incendie. C'est beaucoup de souvenirs du passé perdus par les flammes et l'eau pour les éteindre. Nous ferons notre possible pour rendre sa reconstruction possible. Une telle merveille.....

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jrob by jrob 16 Apr 2019

Our hearts go out to you.

by sdrise 16 Apr 2019

So sad to see the fire... What a tremendous loss of history, beauty, the art the church etc.... Hopefully it will rise from the ashes.

by elizabethak 16 Apr 2019

Heard on news some billionaire promised a donation of 100mil to rebuild/repair damage.

by elizabethak 16 Apr 2019

Believe the relics of crown of thorns, the Altar and Cross did not burn!

by gerryvb 16 Apr 2019

it's heartbreaking and so sad...

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dadybrode by dadybrode 16 Apr 2019

The fire of the Cathedral Notre Dame is great misfortune for France and the whole world.
Thank you with all for your compassion

L'incendie de la Cathédrale NOTRE DAME est grand malheur pour la France et le monde entier.
Merci à toutes pour votre compassion

by dragonflyer 15 Apr 2019

We were just there last Spring...what a catastrophic loss.Glad the statues and other works of art were removed prior to the very sad...

by dailylaundry 15 Apr 2019

So very sad to watch the horrific fire. How strange to get an alert on my phone that Notre Dame Cathedral is burning - shocking and heart braking!!

by jrob Moderator 15 Apr 2019

I'm praying that they get the fire out and that the damage is minimal, but from reports, I'm afraid it's not. I havea friend whose friends are visiting there and staying 1/2 mile from Notre Dame. They ran out when the sirens started going off and said that fire was raining down for at least 1/2 mile circumference. A lady next to her had her hair catch on fire. I think the ones in shock watching got their senses back about them and backed away. I hope no one is injured.

by lidiad 15 Apr 2019

It has survived the wars and the centuries and it's heartbreaking watching it burning. I've visited Paris ten years ago and Notre Dame Cathedral was the centre of attention of so many tourists in awe. I hope that it doesn't burn any further, it would be a such a loss :-(
Hugs, Lidia

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Apr 2019

Very sad indeed. I remember visiting one summer.

by mops Moderator 15 Apr 2019

It's heartbreaking to watch the flames raging in the wooden beams that form the roof construction. And so high up that the fire brigade can hardly make a difference. What will be left tomorrow?

by graceandham 15 Apr 2019

I am saddened by the loss as well. I think I remember this is a World Heritage Site and such a symbol for the French people.

by pennifold 15 Apr 2019

We're waking up in Australia to breaking news listening to the people who are there. We watched the tower collapse and heard there are about 400 firefighters. The loss of the historic artwork, not to mention the Cathedral itself is just heartbreaking.
We are on holidays at the moment and coming home today and no doubt will hear more about it. My thoughts and prayers to our French friends. Trev and I were there 7 years ago and I had a picture taken outside of Notre Dame. Love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 15 Apr 2019

Such a huge loss for the world! I wanted to take my children "one day" but now, it will never be the same. The feelings one gets when inside a building with so much history cannot be rebuilt and be the same.

by sbott54 15 Apr 2019

Deep sorrow for all. Beautiful and historic. And spiritually inspiring.