by stock 9d ago

we have had our 3rd silo painted, a light horseman, it brings a lot of visitors, we now have picnic table and the pub has devonshire teas, we only have pub, general store & post office. wendy devenish country victoria au.


by cfidl 7d ago

These are wonderful! I googled it and found so many/ That would make any drive more memorable.

by stock 8d ago

our nearest large town Benalla ,they have paintings on most of the blank walls, they have a weekend each year where they all come and paint, paint over the exsisting ones as well, wendy

by ribblev 8d ago

If you Google "Silo Art Trail" you will see the fantastic art work of some very talented people. How they achieve their perspectives on such a scale I cannot imagine. ....Ann

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cfidl by cfidl 7d ago

Wowzer! Some look like photographs. Thank you for the tour!

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by stork 8d ago

Wow! They are wonderful! I am just trying to get a "barn quilt" on the side of my barn........great work!

by graceandham 8d ago

These are fabulous. In the town I used to live in, they had such phenomenal growth that they built a shopping center beside the old agricultural area, left the silos up and called the center '"The Silos."

by lilylady 9d ago

Wow! What beautiful paintings.

by castor 9d ago

what a great Way to help the Town to survive the Drought .It is a Showstopper Well done to everyone involved hugs

by gerryvb 9d ago

this is beautiful !!!

by pennifold 9d ago

Congratulations to Cam Scale on finishing this silo on time. Did you go to the opening yesterday Wendy? The actual painting looks like a photograph! I love all the Silos that have been painted around the country. Love Chris