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by toogie ( edited 13d ago ) 13 Apr 2019

Hello Cuties, I have been so busy lately, but it's all good.

First off, I wanted to show you the quilting done on this QOV quilt top I made,The Eagle Has Landed, because the quilter did a custom job of it and it is amazing! She quilted each section, block or border with it's own stitching. Look and see for yourself. The back is almost as pretty as the front. It was given Thursday, at a presentation ceremony.
We just got home from the fundraiser/auction for the lady with the kidney disease I told you about. I showed you the items I made and donated 2 table runners and 2 baby quilts for. I was curious to see how much they went for, but also thought if they went for hardly nothing I would bid and buy them back. I didn't have to worry. They raised $330. for the four pieces, so I was satisfied. I only had about $20 in expense, plus my work, because the fabric was all donated. I came home with a good feeling that this would, in a small way, help the lady with medical expenses and also to know my work was appreciated.
On the way back today we dropped in and saw the new baby Kinsley. She is a doll! Her hair is almost jet black and thick as a fur cap. Of course, she is a good baby and never woke up while we were there.
My oldest daughter was there and when I asked about baby Dawson, she said he had gained almost 10 ounces. So all is well here and hope you all are too.
Maybe things will settle down and I can be on Cute more. Until then Happy Birthday to those I missed, prayers for all my Cuties and hope you all have a great day,as always,Toogie


by clintonmiss22 14 Apr 2019

Beautiful! - Piecing and quilting. I'm starting a Tshirt quilt for my oldest grandson's graduation gift, but it will be extremely simple compared to this! I haven't quilted in a long, long time.

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2019

Oh please show and tell when you're finished. I'm sure it will be perfect . That is something I was asked to do but haven't tried a t-shirt quilt yet. What do you use to stabilize your blocks?

by graceandham 14 Apr 2019

The quilt is awesome front and back. I'm glad your items did well on the auction. Regardless of the monies involved, the lady will feel the love of all who gave and that should help her physical health immensely. You were sweet to be part of that effort.

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2019

I enjoyed it immensely and even got to meet the recipient. I knew her aunt and her aunt wanted to introduce me to her. I hope she does as well as the auction did.

by dlonnahawkins 14 Apr 2019

Toogie, that is a beautiful quilt, and the quilting adds so much to it....I have a great granddaughter name Kenzleigh also, just spelled differently than your g-grand. She too was born with very dark hair, but lost it, and now the cutes little blonde with brown eyes....she just turned 3.
Great job on your craft work and the work that you have put into so much.

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2019

Thanks and congratulations on your Kenzleigh! Girls are hard for us to get😉

by genin 14 Apr 2019

What a beautiful patchwork and your work is wonderful !

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2019

Thank you very much!

by lilylady 14 Apr 2019

Your quilt is beautiful front and back. And yes the quilting is unreal! She did a beautiful job on a beautiful quilt. Love it Sandy

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2019

I think her quilting skills are supreme! Thanks!

by meganne 14 Apr 2019

I’m so happy your work was appreciated and you were able to help raise money for that lady. God bless you Toogie xxx

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toogie by toogie 14 Apr 2019

I totally agree this lady knows how to move that machine! Thanks Meg and I'm looking forward to seeing yours when it's finished. All your blocks look great.

by cfidl 14 Apr 2019

Wow! that is beautiful! the quilter did this one well! Thanks for sharing it and sharing it. Best wishes for the next projects.

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toogie by toogie 14 Apr 2019

Thanks Christine, I need a light bulb moment so I can start the other panel.-😉

by pennifold 13 Apr 2019

Outstanding job all round Toogie. I love the custom quilting on this one. I'm also glad all the items raised so much for the lady who is ill. God bless you and I'm thrilled about the 2 new babies. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 14 Apr 2019

Thanks Chris for all your thoughts . Hope all the family are doing great.

by shirley124 13 Apr 2019

What a beautiful quilt. You are lucky to have a quilter to do such an amazing job. Of course your work is beautiful as well. Glad the other items brought in a good price to help the sick lady. Hugs

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toogie by toogie 14 Apr 2019

We are lucky to have a few long arm quilters and can do this amazing stitching. This one is not programmed so that makes it even more amazing. Thanks for looking Shirley

by ribblev 13 Apr 2019

What a fantastic job, both you and the Quilter. Giving creates a wonderful sensation doesn't it.....Ann

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toogie by toogie 13 Apr 2019

Yes, there is no better feeling....well unless you count the recent births of our 2 babies in 2 weeks!-lol-Thanks!

by sewdeb 13 Apr 2019

Oh, Toogie your quilt is exquisite! That sure is a great job of quilting, too! WOW! And congratulations on raising all that money! Glad to know there are people still around that appreciates hand made items! Glad things are going better for you and happy to see you! Hugs*, Deb

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toogie by toogie 13 Apr 2019

Hubby took that picture and I'm never sure what he's getting, so I guess it shows my uncertainty in the photo. He has been known to cut heads off, etc.-lol
Thanks and I was wowed too with her quilting! This is my second quilt I pieced for QOV but the first one I got back from the quilter. I was overjoyed with her work. I'm not sure if she will do the other quilt or it will go to someone else but I don't think anything will top this.-I sure was glad about the fundraiser. My friend hand embroidered a set of college team pillowcases that went for about $85 and a pre-quilted baby quilt panel that all she did was bind it. It also went for $85. She was pleased as well.

by maleah 13 Apr 2019

You do such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

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toogie by toogie 13 Apr 2019

I appreciate your compliment, so thank you. However, I did not do this quilting. I just cut, pieced and sewed the top together.