by pat111otter 12 Apr 2019

Silly me, I put a question on Q & A about digitising, and was told where it should have gone! I didn't mean to say "how to digitise on my Innovis 4000", I do have software - PEDesign Next, and know where to do the digitising, just can't get to grips with learning! Maybe it's because I am 86 years old that I am not clever enough to know how to digitise, but I'm sure someone can give me a hand?


by spacekasezoom 20 Apr 2019

There's a bunch of lessons on Youtube on how to use PE Next and Design 10 if you are wanting to refresh your memory. Oleens Embroidery are the videos I watch to help me.

Hope this helps

by pennifold 13 Apr 2019

Hi Pat, it’s good to see you back on here. God bless you for wanting to give it a go. My Mum is 85 and won’t even use a mobile phone let alone sew. Good for you wanting to learn. Love Chris

by graceandham 12 Apr 2019

Start with something simple, like an oval or a circle to put around your letters. I don't have PEDesign, but many of the programs now have an automatic digitizing wizard that's for simple things. Also, can you pull in a designs and do a slow redraw to see how someone good digitized their design (like Ms. Veronica). I'm just a beginner, but watching how a design stitches out in the software or on your machine you will begin to get the basic idea of what to do first (underlay), middle and last.

by rescuer Moderator 12 Apr 2019

People have different ways to learn. Your willingness to learn will go far! I have to learn by watching and/doing. I learn nothing from simply hearing instructions. Reading instructions with pictures works but not very often without pictures. What way do you learn best?
Perhaps if you start with learning one thing and then move on it might help. I don't really digitize well so I am not much help.

by fabricfairy 12 Apr 2019

Good on you for even having a go , You are old enough to be my Mom , but I can tell you I can't master it , and I took lesson and everything,

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Apr 2019

Thank you for posting your question here. I can feel your pain. I have given up on digitizing for the time being.