by noah 08 Apr 2019

My friend Lois came over and wanted help to make this wee mitts to hang on her car mirror So i showed her how to do it .I plan to hang this on mine and buy some vanilla scent and put it on cotton balls in the mitt to make my car smell nice ++What do you think of this idea???Can't tell from the picture they are dark grey like the color of my VW car+++Thanks for LQQKING!!!Hugs Carolyn

P.S. It snowed 5 inches last night:(;(Just when the roads were dry and no snow:(:(


by cfidl 10 Apr 2019

I like the idea. I am sure I have an ith somewhere. Lol!

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noah by noah 12 Apr 2019

wee mitt u mean????We got a c/mas one years ago from Shirlene???

by sebsews 09 Apr 2019

Cute and great idea.

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2019

Thanks hugs

by dragonflyer 09 Apr 2019

Good job! Can't hang anything from the mirrors in my state....against the law...but for those who can, good!

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2019

We can:):)

by pennifold 09 Apr 2019

Well done and it's a good idea, and I agree with Vicki You could place it near your air conditioning vent and that way the smell would radiate throughout the car. Love Chris

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2019

oh fine idea :):)

by lbrow 09 Apr 2019

Like much! Also the mat and the candle. No snow here but rain, rain and more rain. Keep saying to myself " April showers bring May flowers."

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2019

Oh boy it snowed another 2 inches the plow is just going around now i really need spring:):)hugs xxxx

by marianb 09 Apr 2019

They are adorable and will smell delicious..

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2019

thanks hugs:):)

by vickiannette 08 Apr 2019

very cute. Where I live, it is illegal to hang dangling dodads [things lol] from the car mirror. It's considered a "distraction". But they are very adorable.

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noah by noah 08 Apr 2019

ok i could hang it somewhere else but i love the smell lol