by antjemaus22 06 Apr 2019

Dear Chris (pennifold) asked me to show a picture of my kitchen window with the two owls. As one can see the owls from the outside I have also attached the eyes on the back. Now they can look out at night!!!

Thanks for looking - Antje


by blueeyedblonde 20 Apr 2019

Love them!

by gerryvb 14 Apr 2019

Fantastic !!!

by dragonflyer 13 Apr 2019

They look lovely and so does your garden...

by crazypatchmama 13 Apr 2019

Nice owls, love the details you put in. Will it now remain on your windows? :-)

by cfidl 13 Apr 2019

These are wonderful. I may need to do this to a few of mine.

by lhart 11 Apr 2019

These are stunning! Love the "eye" idea!

by Wendyy 07 Apr 2019

The owls are adorable. I love them and the work you did on them is beautiful.

by pennifold 07 Apr 2019

Aah, these look fabulous Antje, love how you have made the eyes on either side and what a beautiful outlook you have. Thanks for showing us them hanging up. Love Chris

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 edited 09 Apr 2019

As the owls can now look into the garden I hope they are not bringing home mice!! haha

by robertahilde 06 Apr 2019

YES! - Hugs

by shirley124 06 Apr 2019

These look great. Hugs

by noah 06 Apr 2019

Looks lovely well done to hugs

by basketkase 06 Apr 2019

How wonderful.....these are terrific...

by pennyhal2 06 Apr 2019

What a great way to dress up a window!

by sonjapotgieter 06 Apr 2019

Awesome designs!!!Love them..

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 06 Apr 2019

Thanks, nice design and easy!

by dailylaundry 06 Apr 2019

Awesome, they look great on the window!! Love them!

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 06 Apr 2019

Thank you