by baydreamer 29 Mar 2019

Looking in my car I found that plastic holder for my insurance and thought I should make something to use instead of that . The picture with the clover. I meet with a group of ladies and one ask about a wallet ITH. I came up with the bottom little change purse. Another one of the ladies had a small note book 3.5 x 4.5 inches . Why not make a cover for that. I had so much fun I made a another set and decided to give these as Easter gifts to my DS and DN. Thanks for looking!


by stork 30 Mar 2019

Very your colors!

by sdrise 30 Mar 2019

Very nice!!! Love it!

by lilylady 30 Mar 2019

These sets are so cool! love them. Sandy

by lhart 30 Mar 2019

You have outdone yourself my friend! I am inspired.

by sonjapotgieter 30 Mar 2019

Great work done and Awesome designs and fabric used!!!

by Sewmum1 30 Mar 2019

Great Easter gift ideas. Love the orange fabric

by blueeyedblonde 30 Mar 2019

Nice job!

by dailylaundry 29 Mar 2019

These look great!! Well done!

by dragonflyer 29 Mar 2019

Very nice...

by pennifold 29 Mar 2019

What a great set you've done here. The people getting them will love them. Well done, love Chris

by noah 29 Mar 2019

Wiw owowwwwww your very creative love your sets and ideas hugs:):)