by babash 27 Mar 2019

Remember I was asking about Hardware for Garter Flashes for Scottish Bagpipe Band? Managed to get the elastic part ready made just had to do the Tartan flashes. Spent more time measuring than making had to do 32 individual ones to make 16 which is for 8 people one per leg.

Well got them finished. They will be collected tonight. Hope they are happy with them.
Picture 1 first step cut out 32 times
Picture 2 Folded over 32 of them
Picture 3 Completed 16 of these.
Thanks for looking.


by jrob Moderator 30 Mar 2019

P e r f e c t !

by Sewmum1 30 Mar 2019

You have done a great job with these matching up the pattern. Very tedious work. I can understand why they were pleased.

by babash 28 Mar 2019

Well they were collected and he was thrilled with them. So I am happy about that as I was stressing they might be disappointed.
He the asked do I make Kilts? I said NO so fast I surprised myself.
I have a friend who has a daughter in law who does theatre sewing and recommended a seamstress for me to pass on to them.
I figured if I was stressed with these I would be worse doing a Kilt especially seeing the fabric had to be imported from Scotland from the mills.

by pennyhal2 28 Mar 2019

Congrats and figuring this out and for helping the band out! They will appreciate having them.

by pennifold 28 Mar 2019

You've done a great job Barb. I'm sure they will appreciate all the work you've done. Most of the ones I've seen don't bother about doing the bottom section as Kim has asked. I've had a look on the net and a lot of them are left raw. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 27 Mar 2019

Glad you got it sorted out....but they have unfinished raw edges??

babash by babash 28 Mar 2019

Yes that is how the sample one they gave me was made. You just cut the V out and use fray stop. A messy ending. I feel it looks half done.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28 Mar 2019

I agree and have not seen any of these up close before... But, you have to do what the customer wants, even if it appears to have a "messy ending"