by sdrise 27 Mar 2019

Hi everyone !!

I just wanted to let everyone know there is an e mail letter going around that says they are from Embroidery Library and you have been selected to join for half off to Down load their designs.
The e mail is not from EL... The address is from someone else. I did not open it for fear of a virus. I just deleted it.
Please look at the address before you open the e mail to protect yourselves.
Thanks Suzanne


by rachap 30 Mar 2019

I have been getting 2-3 of these every day, very annoying but I guess there is nothing we can do except hit delete.

by AuntAnnie 28 Mar 2019

They have also used the Brother name to fool folks.

by pennyhal2 28 Mar 2019

Thanks! I just got one yesterdy. I viewed the raw message source and saw that it wasn't EL, but it did fool me at first.

by jrob Moderator 28 Mar 2019

Thank you for the Public Service Announcement. Even the most savvy can be tricked at time when our attention is elsewhere..

by momac 28 Mar 2019

Thank you Suzanne, I received one of these e mails and am deleting. Hugs Maureen

by dec716 27 Mar 2019

I've been getting these for 6 months. It always goes to my spam folder.I have checked the email address on these and they are always different, but similar to EL.

by fabricfairy 27 Mar 2019

I got it 8 time one after another , same thing the next day , all in the bin.

by graceandham 27 Mar 2019

Thank you so much for letting us know - another reminder to be careful.

by babash 27 Mar 2019

Yes I also got it. I deleted it as well.
You can always go to your message centre in Embroidery Library and the latest newsletters will be there. I think they are held for 30 days.

by stork 27 Mar 2019

yes.... I got that one in my junk email this morning.....Thank you

by vadainez 27 Mar 2019

OK, thanks.

by dailylaundry 27 Mar 2019

Thank you for the "Heads Up".

by rescuer Moderator 27 Mar 2019

I too had the email -- more than once. I informed EL so they could try to take action if possible. Mine came from what looked like club@embilibrary which means they have "spoofed" the sender. The actual email is from another company.

stork by stork 27 Mar 2019

Same here. Very annoying

sdrise by sdrise 27 Mar 2019

Yes mine said Club also...I sent a note to EL about it.

rescuer by rescuer 27 Mar 2019

EL is looking into it. Don't open the email and if by chance you do, do not click on any links.